Government Law Enforcement Opinion

I’m about to launch a lawsuit against the IRS in February.

People I know paid New York law enforcement to sabotage my 600. They went to the IRS and took my payment off direct deposit.

Now New York law enforcement can hold my check and give it to me whenever they want, which might be never. I file my taxes in February so they can’t lie and say I’m not on top of my game with the IRS. I get direct deposits from other organizations with no issue.

IRS lawsuit coming soon.

Use this information at your own risk. I don’t work for the government.

All I’m saying is that it’s my opinion that when the FBI and police tell the IRS to take my account off direct deposit and make it a check, I personally believe that the IRS did it. You can tell them I said it, I can care less.

I always treat everyone at the IRS with the utmost respect at all times. The IRS staff who took my 600 off direct deposit and made it a check aren’t interacting with the public on the phone or at the offices open to the public. They are layers behind those people.

Even if I did meet them in person I wouldn’t be disrespectful because if they don’t do what the FBI and Police tell them, law enforcement will have them fired or worse.

New York law enforcement sabotages me at every government agency I interact with and a lot of private companies too. HRA, IRS, USPS, CUNY, DMV, etc.

Regardless of how much the US government and their team discriminates against me, I still treat their employees with the utmost respect in person. Hopefully, one day it will be exposed and improve.

God bless everyone who is being tortured by the US government and governments around the world.

Law Enforcement Opinion

I never touch cash except for laundry machines.

People I know from New York paid the New York FBI, NYPD, NCPD, and others to have me locked up or murdered.

They had a bunch of girls try and hook up with me and I didn’t fall for it.

They have children, girls, boys, women, and men try and pick fights with me dozens of times per day. I don’t fall for it.

Now they are trying to make up any lie to have me kicked out of college at CUNY. New York law enforcement has a ton of contacts at CUNY so they are running a few dozen scams on me setting which one will stick.

They are also planning on murdering me with drugs.

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t have a criminal record. I don’t do anything illegal. New York law enforcement and their civilian lie and scam team follow me around 24/7.

Because they are planning on murdering me with drugs, I have made it a point to stay away from cash. I never touch cash. The only time I ever touch cash is when I have to do my laundry. That is it.

I have a bank account at Chase Bank, Capital One, and Bank of America. If you look at any of my accounts you will see I never spend a penny on alcohol. You will also see I never touch cash.

New York law enforcement pays drug addicts and drug dealers to follow me around 24/7 and pretend they are my best friends. They will walk up to me and pretend they are with me. New York law enforcement records the whole thing.

This whole experience has made me realize what a scam the US government is. Also, it makes me wonder how many innocent are locked up. If I had to guess the number is in the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands nationwide.

I grew up in Hewlett/Woodmere, Long Island. Even though I’m half Jewish and half Christian, I had my bar mitzvah at Temple Israel in Lawrence, New York.

The reason I mention this is because I look at the US government the same exact way I look at Hitler and the Nazis. To me, they are equally as bad. If anything I think the US government has locked up and killed more innocent people than the Nazis.

Law Enforcement Opinion

Almost everywhere I go is completely packed.

People I know pay New York law enforcement to torture me. One of the things they do is have their civilian lie and scam team pick fights with me. This goes on a few dozen times per day or more. 

I estimate New York law enforcement’s civilian lie and scam team is around 50,000 people in the tri state area. They had teenage girls ages 15 and up throwing themselves at me trying to set me up. They have women and men try to pick fights with me every day including today. 

When I take a bus or train, they have their civilian scam team run on before me and take all the seats so I have to stand. I repeat, every bus and subway I take is completely packed. 

Every coffee shop, every library, etc. Everywhere I go is filled to the brim. 

If you want to learn more about how the US government, FBI, police, etc., torture people it’s been well documented on Wikipedia (cointelpro in Wikipedia). 

The government wastes so much money it’s out of control. In my humble opinion, they can care less if every one of their employees drops dead right now.

The only reason the US government, New York State and New York City pay pensions is so everyone keeps quiet about the scams they run. 

I know someone who is retired from the New York City government. In the twenty years since he retired, he has been paid about a million dollars. $50 thousand per year. 

It doesn’t make any sense. There are droves of people who would take any government job without a pension. 

If people knew how many tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of former government employees are getting paid a salary to sit home and the amount it’s costing the taxpayers they would not believe it. 

New York law enforcement and their civilian scam team are harassing me as I write this.