Opinion: I suspect New York City law enforcement are pausing some of my calls to NYPD 911. 



In my opinion, people I know pay New York City law enforcement and their off-the-books plain clothes civilian lie and scam team to harass me. 

One of the many scams that New York City law enforcement runs on me is paying civilian women and men to try and pick fights with me in Manhattan.

The scam team harasses me in the street, in the subway, in stores, at Baruch College, etc.

I’m 47 years old. 

I don’t have a criminal record. 

Of course, I’m not going to fall for that scam.

When New York City law enforcement sends one person after the next in regular clothes to cut me off, block me from walking, hold their phone in my face, crash into me, yell at me, sneeze in my face, cough in my face, etc., I call the Department of Justice, the FBI, and NYPD 911. 

The New York City FBI blocked my phone number. 

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office blocked my phone number. 

The New York City US Attorney’s Office blocked my phone number. 

Every NYPD precinct blocked my phone number. 

Many more US government agencies blocked my phone number. 

I guess they don’t want to get involved with people being harassed by law enforcement. 

I’ve called NYPD 911 thousands of times. 

In my opinion, the people that pick up NYPD 911 harass me on the phone when I call.

Lately, when I call NYPD 911, there is something strange happening. 

I will dial NYPD 911 and then press call. 

My phone will show “Calling Emergency number.” 

Then the call will freeze and won’t start ringing. 

Then I’ll turn on my phone screen recorder. 

After my phone screen recorder is turned on, the NYPD 911 call will start ringing, and I’ll speak with the NYPD 911 operators. 

If I don’t turn on my phone’s screen recorder, the NYPD 911 call won’t ring. 

Please advise if you require additional information from me. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine