New York City Law Enforcement Opinion

Opinion: NYC law enforcement is running the controlled customers scam on me.

People I know pay NYC law enforcement to harass me every day. They chased away several of my web marketing clients, and now I’ve been homeless in NYC for about five years. 

I can’t move into a homeless shelter because that makes it easier for NYC law enforcement to harass me. Therefore I live in the street. I have a place to shower, keep clean clothes, etc. I’m on public assistance. 

Quick disclaimers: If you have an emergency, call 911. This is all my opinion. Use this information at your own risk. Verify everything yourself. 

NYC law enforcement has billions of dollars. In my opinion, they have very little oversight. When you have billions of dollars, you can run serious scams if that’s how you choose to spend the money.

One of the many scams that NYC law enforcement runs on me is the controlled customer scam. 

Before I get into it, one more thing. NYC law enforcement has people who work from them in regular clothes harass me every day. They shove their phones in my face, they tease me, they harass me, and they crash into me.  I’m used to it. I never react at all. 

I have reported NYC law enforcement to several government agencies nationwide and I’m waiting to hear back. 

I have a small storage room in Midtown Manhattan. NYC law enforcement made me homeless and now they want my clothes in the garbage, not a storage room. 

NYC law enforcement has members of their regular clothes scam team renting storage rooms at the place where I have my storage. 

Members of NYC law enforcement’s scam team have tried to pick fights with me, start conversations with me, harass me, block me from walking, etc., at the storage place. All I do is ignore them and walk away. 

Today I went to my gym to take a shower. Someone went into my backpack last night and stole the lock I use for my gym locker. I went to my storage place to pick up an extra lock. When I showed up at the storage place there were a few members of NYC law enforcement’s scam team on location. 

I say to myself, what could the scam be this time? NYC law enforcement has people pretend “he’s selling drugs,” “he’s doing drugs,” “he’s stalking girls,” “he’s a thief,” and many other scams. 

Just for the record, I don’t have a criminal record, and I don’t do anything illegal. I’m on welfare. I have a small amount of money for food and a little more for some necessities. 

Today, I suspect NYC law enforcement scam is the “he smells” scam. I shower every day. I wash my clothes at laundromats. I showered yesterday, and I’m about to shower in a few minutes. If you saw me right now, you would not think I’m homeless. If you look at my social media, you can see what I look like or the about page on this website. 

NYC law enforcement has people follow me into many stores and places I go just to make up lies and try to get me kicked out. 

I hope the whole world finds out what NYC law enforcement is up to one day, and it stops. I hope one day NYC law enforcement protects people and stops running scams. 

If there is any doubt that some percentage of NYC law enforcement runs scams, do a quick search in your favorite search engine and see what you find. 

I never mention a word of this to anyone at Baruch College-CUNY, where I go to college. 

College New York City Law Enforcement Opinion

Email to the New York FBI, NYPD Headquarters, and New York County District Attorney about people remotely going into my smartphone.


Today I was in Central Park for a class. I broke my arm a few weeks ago and I had to go to the doctor today. I also had a wisdom tooth taken out this week. I was very tired.

While I was listening to the class today the sun knocked me out for a few minutes.

When I woke up someone had remotely gone into my Zoom account and turned on my microphone and camera. The phone was in the grass at Central Park.

I just don’t understand why someone is going into my phone remotely. This has happened several times.

Please advise if you have any advice for me.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

Government New York City Law Enforcement Opinion

Opinion: The reason I think New York City changed the hours that the subway is closed.

New York law enforcement has completely lost their minds. That includes the New York FBI, NYPD, Nassau County Police Department, and others. 

Disclaimers: If you have an emergency, call 911. Use this information at your own risk. All information is subject to change. I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a doctor. Verify all information yourself. This is my opinion. I don’t work for the government. 

If you require information about COVID-19, you can find it here:

New York law enforcement is getting paid regardless if we all starve or not. Personally, I think they would prefer that a lot of us starve. 

In my opinion, New York law enforcement talks with whoever is in charge and says, let’s close the subway for X hours per night. New York law enforcement can care less if we all drop dead. 

Here are two examples of why I think that:

  1. Are there any neighborhoods that you would be cautious to walk through at night? Why? The United States goes overseas and secures some of the most dangerous places. Why can’t they secure America? Why should one person live in a safe neighborhood and another person is unsafe? One reason is that law enforcement and the bureaucrats who direct them can care less about us. 
  2. When I walk around Midtown Manhattan at night, I don’t see enough NYPD officers in the streets, in their cars, etc. I think there are too many NYPD members drinking coffee and eating sandwiches at the precincts instead of patrolling the streets. How many police officers are being paid to sleep in the precincts at night? How many do you see in the street? You tell me. 

If you are a regular productive person, you will probably have difficulty imagining what law enforcement is really up to. For example, tampering with people’s food, setting people up, having girls hook up with people and say they mistreated them, etc. That’s a big part of the day for some, not all, of law enforcement. 

When New York City closed the subway from 1 AM to 5 AM they said it was to clean it. I will say that I did see a lot more cleaning than in the past. I just disagree that the subway had to be closed to be cleaned. 

How many subway stations do they clean at the same time? Even at the height of the cleaning or now, I look into subway stations to see what’s going on at night and the majority of the time there is no one cleaning. 

The reason I suspect New York law enforcement told the city to close the subway from 1 AM to 5 AM for so long is so more of the police can sleep at night. The police have a lot of people under surveillance. If people can’t move around the city, the New York FBI, NYPD, etc., don’t have to follow them around the city as much at night. 

Also, civilians don’t know that regular people who work for the police conduct a lot of the surveillance done by the NYPD. The NYPD, NCPD, and others have a large number of civilians running around for them. I call them the NYPD civilian lie and scam team. 

The NYPD has civilians they use to follow people around, pick fights with people to get them in trouble, rob people, and hook up with people and say they were assaulted. If I had to guess, the number of civilians that the NYPD has working for them off the record is in the tens of thousands. They are throwing our tax dollars in the garbage. 

If you are doing anything illegal, I suggest you stop. The US government has so many informants working for them it’s not even funny. All ages, female, male, etc. The government has whole families working for them. 

When I heard the subway will soon change the hours they are closed, I suspect I know why. Of course, it’s impossible to prove. 

I’m not naming names because it’s not essential. I suspect high power business owners in New York City went to the powers that be and said, what the hell is going on? If you don’t open the subway, we will leave and take a lot of money out of the city. 

New York law enforcement would have kept the subway closed from 1 AM to 5 AM forever if you let them. Now New York law enforcement has to spend more time following people like me around every night. People I know pay the police to harass me every day including today. 

That’s just my theory. I don’t know this for a fact. Let me know if you agree or not. 

New York City Law Enforcement Opinion

New York law enforcement has its civilian team ambushing me in the streets and stores every day.

The United States government spends billions of dollars per year torturing people. It’s called COINTELPRO. You can Google it. People I know pay New York law enforcement to torture me. I can’t walk down the street without being constantly ambushed. 

New York law enforcement had several teenage girls try and hook up with me to set me up. They also had women in their twenties and thirties try and set me up. Now they have women follow me around and harass me beyond belief. 

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I have no criminal record. I’m 44 years young. I’m a full-time student at CUNY. My social media posts are filled with complaints about New York law enforcement harassing me. My phone records are filled with calls to the FBI, NYPD, internal affairs, CCRB, US Attorney, District Attorney, etc. I have had hearings to sue the NYPD. I have filed paperwork to sue the FBI. 

With all that set in stone, New York federal and state law enforcement will not stop harassing me. I was just walking on East 37th Street between 3rd Avenue and Lexington Avenue in Murray Hill, New York City. A couple with a dog cuts me off and blocks the sidewalk. Then a car pulls up on the side and blocks me in. None of them are moving. As soon as I start to go around them all a woman runs in front of me and pretends she is being chased. 

When I walk into stores, civilians who work for law enforcement try and crash into me. They go out of their way to surround me and pretend I’m not social distancing. I’ll be standing on the sidewalk and girls will slam into me with people recording my reaction. New York law enforcement will have girls shove their phones in my face, cut me off, etc. while taking pictures and videos. Another scam New York law enforcement loves is to have people follow me into stores, block me from walking, and then just not move. I’m not talking about once or twice. 

If you don’t believe this goes on Google what members of the NYPD have been recently arrested for. Murder, child abuse, rape, drug dealing, etc. Almost every crime imaginable and some you can’t imagine. They also tamper with people’s food in restaurants and supermarkets. 

I don’t blame the police for this. They have no say about what goes on. I suspect the FBI is more evil than the police. Whoever is really in charge of all this and is directing law enforcement to torture people are the ones I hope get exposed one day. It’s been going on for decades, hopefully one day it will stop. I’m not giving up, I’m merely covering myself. 

If you have an emergency call 911. I’m not a lawyer.