Opinion: New York City law enforcement is spending millions of dollars trying to get me kicked out of a gym, Baruch College, supermarkets, etc. 


People I know pay New York City law enforcement to sabotage, harass, tease, rob, drug me, and much more. 

I’m making it my life’s work to expose United States law enforcement and clean it up. 

I say pay law enforcement more so they can fight crime instead of committing crimes. 

Make law enforcement a difficult job to get because of high pay.

I’ve documented many of the scams that law enforcement runs on me in the exhibits of my lawsuit Mark Pine vs The City University of New York.

I’m not a lawyer. 

I don’t know anything about the law. 

Still, law enforcement and their plain clothes civilian lie and scam team keep running the same scams on me, so I continue documenting it. 

People I know pay law enforcement to rob, steal, commit financial fraud, cheat on their taxes, etc.

In my opinion, if anyone that works for the government interferes, they are fired. 

I’ve contacted hundreds of United States government agencies tens of thousands of times via email and on the phone. 

I can’t find one person that works for the United States government to stop law enforcement from harassing me. 

The only people that helped me at all are the New York State Courts and the New York City Comptroller’s Office. 

Here is one of today’s scams courtesy of law enforcement. 

I don’t know the identity of the person that was harassing me. 

If I see the person, I won’t recognize him. 

Even if I did recognize the person, I don’t care.

Law enforcement has people harass me constantly.

It’s nothing new.

I always ignore them all.

I was riding a bicycle on 7th Ave in Chelsea, New York City, on July 25, 2023, in the morning. 

I was on my way to a supermarket. 

I never eat in restaurants, only in supermarkets. 

A man grabs me and pushes me while I’m riding the bicycle rental. 

That was it. 

The person walked in one direction. 

I kept riding the bicycle towards the supermarket. 

I’m guessing that the person was trying to pick a fight with me on behalf of New York City law enforcement. 

The person probably belongs to my gym, Baruch College, or other places I go. 

Law enforcement pays civilian women and men to run around in regular clothes and try and pick fights with me. 

I just ignore them. 

If a person reacts to that scam, law enforcement will have 100 witnesses, and they will all go running back to the places you go to get you kicked out. 

People I know have been paying law enforcement to run these types of scams since the 1990s or earlier. 

Opinion: More gym scams courtesy of New York City law enforcement on June 30, 2023 at about 10 PM.



I was just at the gym. 

I never speak with anyone at the gym. 

I’m polite to the staff. 

I’m polite to the other customers, although I never initiate conversations with anyone. 

Besides that, I keep to myself. 

Law enforcement was running a few scams on me at the gym tonight. 

First, law enforcement was calling my phone over and over. 

I’m not sure why. 

The ringer on my phone is always off. 

Also, I have a smartwatch, and I just press a button on my watch and send the calls directly to voicemail. 

I have do not disturb on when I’m at the gym on my phone too. 

Next, law enforcement kept having someone reach over me every time I was using the locker. 

I’m used to it, so, of course, I didn’t say anything. 

Law enforcement also had people leave towels and garbage around the locker room. 

That is one of their favorite scams. 

Law enforcement has women and men that belong to the gym that run scams for them, constantly harassing me around the gym and around the whole city. 

For example, law enforcement has women and men from my gym cut me off, crash into me, shove their phones in my face, block me from walking, etc. 

Law enforcement’s civilian female and male sabotage team run the same scams on me inside the gym and outside of the gym. 

I just take the abuse and ignore them. 

Law enforcement has women and men from the gym I belong to harassing me in the street, in the subway, in stores, etc. 

Law enforcement runs the same scams with staff and students from Baruch College and CUNY. 

Also, law enforcement has people from my gym and Baruch College (staff and students) pick up official law enforcement phones when I call and try to pick fights with me on the phone.

The scam is to have people from the gym, and Baruch College pretend they work for law enforcement and start arguments with me. For example, when I call NYPD 911.

Then law enforcement will take the call out of context and say the bickering happened on someone’s personal phone. 

Law enforcement runs million-dollar scams. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine 

Opinion: Law enforcement has their civilian lie and scam team running dangerous scams in the street around Baruch College CUNY. 



I said it once; I said it a million times. 

The members of law enforcement that harass me could care less about helping anyone, love to run dangerous scams, and don’t have any oversight at all. 

If they had any oversight, they killed the people and said they killed themselves. 

Law enforcement pays civilian women and men in regular clothes to crash into me, pretend they are with me, shove their phones in my face, blow drug smoke in my face, rob me, vandalize my property, etc. 

People I know pay law enforcement to run scams all day long, and in my opinion, if anyone who works for the government has a problem with it, law enforcement will have them fired.

I can’t give specific examples publicly because I don’t want to get sued for defamation. 

I was walking to Baruch College CUNY about an hour or two ago. 

I stood at East 24th St and Madison Ave in Manhattan, New York City. 

It’s June 28, 2023, at 7:49 PM now. 

In my opinion, law enforcement had a taxi driver stop the taxi in the middle of two lanes in the intersection. 

Then one or two people stood in the street waiting to get into the cab.

The two civilians waiting to get in the cab acted like they were being paid the longer they stood in the street. 

There are a couple of scams that I suspect are connected to this move by law enforcement. 

The two people were possibly connected to me somehow, and law enforcement wanted pictures and video of me recording them with my phone. 

Maybe the two people belong to my gym, go to Baruch College, or something like that. 

Needless to say, I didn’t record anyone that close to Baruch College. 

Law enforcement often has their civilian lie and scam team do crazy things to try and get me to record them so law enforcement can record me recording someone and take it out of context. 

The other scam I suspect law enforcement had in mind is to have their regular clothes civilian lie and scam team do something outrageous to get pictures and video of me recording someone on the corner of East 24th St and Madison Ave in Manhattan. 

Then I suspect law enforcement could completely edit the photos and videos with other people, not the cab parked in two lanes in the middle of the street with two people standing in the street like they were in their living room.

In my opinion, law enforcement is on the same level as Hollywood in regard to creating audio, pictures, and videos. 

That’s what people don’t realize. 

That’s how law enforcement gets away with it. 

Who has more money, Hollywood or the US government? 

Mark Pine

Opinion: New scam that NYC law enforcement ran on me right now. March 8, 2022.


Here we go again.

I just tried to pay my bill on a company’s website.  

The website wouldn’t take my debit card. 

I called up and asked for support. 

This is where the scam comes in. 

I was talking with the first customer service person about to give my card information. In the middle of the call the person said, I can’t hear you and hung up. 

I suspect the reason the person hung up was because NYC law enforcement told her to hang up so they can lie and say I was rude.

People I know pay NYC law enforcement to harass me every day. They tried to set me up and lock me up thousands of times. It didn’t work so now NYC law enforcement (New York FBI and NYPD) run around and tell people to lie and say Mark Pine is rude and smells. That’s what billions of dollars a year to NYC law enforcement buys us. Ideas such as that one.

I called back and the next person took my card, and the bill was paid. 

NYC law enforcement will take audio they have of me complaining about NYC law enforcement and edit it into new conversations with people at that company. 

NYC law enforcement will lie and say the audio of me complaining about NYC law enforcement was directed at people at that company. 

These are the types of scams that NYC law enforcement runs on me all day long. 

I don’t take it personal when regular people try and sabotage me on behalf of NYC law enforcement. I understand most people don’t want to deal with the drama.

I will continue to treat everyone at that company with the utmost respect at all times.

Thank you.

Opinion: NYC law enforcement is lying and running scams to try and get me kicked out of my gym.


People I know paid NYC law enforcement to sabotage my web marketing service and make me homeless. 

The NYC welfare office, New York City Human Resources Administration, pays $50 per month for me to have a storage room. I use some of my Baruch College student loans to pay for a gym membership so I can shower. 

If you saw me, you would not think I was homeless.

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t have a criminal record. I have all my vaccines, and recently I’ve been tested for HIV and many other things. 

I do everything I can to stay on top of my health. I also have a primary care doctor and dentist paid for by the government.

Disclaimers: This is all my opinion. I’m not a doctor. I’m not an attorney. Use this information at your own risk. All information is subject to change. If you have an emergency call 911. 

People I know pay NYC law enforcement to viciously harass me. They are trying to get me kicked out of Baruch College, my gym, my storage place, and everywhere else I go.

If you Google the word > cointelpro > you will see many of the tactics NYC law enforcement is using. 

FBI Records: The Vault — COINTELPRO

NYC law enforcement has declared war on me. They spend money like it’s water. If the taxpayers saw how NYC law enforcement is spending some of their budget, people would never look at the government the same again. 

For example, NYC law enforcement pays girls in their teens and twenties to crash into me, shove their phones in my face, and act like they are fighting for their life. If anyone doesn’t believe me, get someone from the government to pull the security video from where I’ve been around the city for the past few months, and you will see it happen hundreds of times. 

I have reported NYC law enforcement thousands of times to hundreds of government agencies nationwide. NYC law enforcement can care less. 

I was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor last year. The charge was eventually knocked down to a violation. If anyone looks at the evidence from the case, they would see the corruption of the criminal court system. 

I’m not an attorney. In my opinion, the district attorney’s office knew I was innocent and could care less. The DA was ready to fry me at the request of law enforcement. 

The public defenders were purposely trying to sabotage my case. I took a bench or judge trial. In my humble opinion, the jury would side with the government instead of a street homeless person. 

Here are the scams NYC law enforcement is using to try and get me kicked out of my gym. 

New York City law enforcement has a budget in the billions of dollars per year. In my opinion, NYC law enforcement uses part of their money to hire thousands of people that don’t officially work for them.

For example, these are people that have another job outside of working for law enforcement or the government. Therefore, New York City law enforcement can use these individuals as witnesses.

I call the unofficial members of New York City law enforcement the lie and scam team. In my opinion, their job is to lie and help New York City law enforcement run scams.

It’s amazing to me how NYC law enforcement is so good at taking a good person and getting them to go along with the lies, scams, and sabotage. Of course, the new scammers are getting paid. Still, if you saw how viciously they harass me, you might be surprised at who you see doing it.

NYC law enforcement has perfected harassing people in front of everyone while going undetected.

NYC law enforcement will have their scam team harassing me in the street, a store, the subway in front of thousands of people and no one will realize.

For example, NYC law enforcement will have their scam team cut me off, crash into me, and shove their phones in my face and no one will see what’s happening.

NYC law enforcement has their scam team follow me around in the subway and take pictures of me when I’m sleeping.

NYC law enforcement will then have a thousand witnesses go to my gyms and say they are scared because a homeless person belongs to their gym. 

I wear a mask the entire time I’m at the gym. I wear black sweatpants, a black jacket, and black shoes. I’m not exactly sure how they are going to lie and say they recognize me but I’m sure they will. I also wear a mask the whole time I’m in the subway.

If you live in the city please take a look at a picture of me on social media. Have you seen me sleeping in a chair on a NYC subway platform?

New York City law enforcement’s lie and scam team are claiming they have.

New York City law enforcement and their scam team stole my cell phone four times in the past two months. I will have another new phone in a day or two.

When I have my phone, I take pictures of videos of myself every day to prove I look clean because I know NYC law enforcement and their scam team are plotting to take everyone from me with their lies.

Another scam NYC law enforcement runs on me at the gym is they throw garbage and towels all over the place and say it’s me. I was just at the gym taking a shower. When I walked back to the lockers, several locker doors were open and there were towels all over the floor. There was also papers and garbage on the floor.

The second I saw the mess in the locker room I knew it was cointelpro time. I closed all the locker doors and picked up the dirty towels and put them in the towel bin. 

I always treat the front desk staff at the gym with the utmost respect at all times. I keep to myself for the most part due to the dire situation I’m dealing with. 

I shower at least once per day. I wash my clothes all the time. It literally costs me three dollars to four dollars to wash and dry my clothes in Queens, New York, just outside Manhattan. 

I never speak with any of the members of the gym. I keep to myself. 

In my opinion, the MTA staff is keeping the NYC subways and platforms as clean as realistically possible. I’m not dirty. NYC law enforcement are a bunch of liars. 

I’m always polite with patrol police officers, even when they try and run scams on me. I suspect the NYC law enforcement members that people I know are paying to sabotage me are high level and above having to interact with the public.

Opinion: Baruch College kept me out of jail.


Now NYC law enforcement is making up lies to try and have me kicked out.

Disclaimers: If you have an emergency, call 911. I’m not an attorney. If you need legal advice, talk with a lawyer. This is my opinion. Verify everything yourself. 

People I know pay NYC law enforcement to harass and sabotage me. They don’t care who I tell. They won’t stop. 

Baruch College probably saved me from going to jail. 

If NYC law enforcement got me in a cage, they would do horrible things to me, the food I eat, etc. If anyone in social media land doesn’t believe me, I’ll swing by the office of any major social media platform, and I’ll show you what NYC law enforcement has done to me. 

NYC law enforcement wrote me thousands of dollars in tickets that I was able to pay thanks to my student loans and money I earned delivering food. That is before NYC law enforcement wrote me thousands of dollars in tickets for riding a regular bicycle while delivering food. 

NYC law enforcement wrote me approximately 11 tickets on subways and busses. Do you know anyone that received that many tickets? I paid all but two. I just paid about $500 to the MTA. 

I have no criminal record. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t do anything illegal. 

Another way Baruch College saved me from almost having to go to jail was by affording me the ability to be able to pay for a legal website. I was able to ask attornies questions. 

What happened was the Nassau County Police Department took audio of me that NYC law enforcement is in possession of. The audio is of me complaining about NYC law enforcement on the phone while they are attacking and teasing me. 

Thanks to Baruch College I was able to pay my phone bill in advance for more than a year. If it wasn’t for Baruch College, I wouldn’t even have a phone. I’d be in jail.

Nassau County law enforcement bought a phone and said it was mine. Nassau County law enforcement edited the audio that NYC law enforcement has of me and created new conversations with people who work for Nassau County Police Headquarters. 

The people at Nassau County Police Headquarters signed sworn statements that the calls were real.

The scam that Nassau County law enforcement ran on me is similar to the movie from 1989 called “Tango and Cash.” 

Thanks to Baruch College I was able to pay for the website that allowed me to ask lawyers questions. 

My public defender was trying to sabotage my case because he was hand-selected by NYC law enforcement. 

The Nassau County District Attorney knew I was innocent and pretended they didn’t know.

I’ve been calling the NYC District Attorney and left messages asking for help.

Once NYC law enforcement saw that I figured out how to decently represent myself and that I wasn’t going to use their public defender, they let me go with a violation. 

I’m going on the record and saying the judge was very fair. Everyone else involved was breaking the law in my nonattorney, civilian, opinion.

One of the reasons NYC law enforcement let me go is because they are going to try and use a similar scam to get me kicked out of Baruch College. They didn’t want me exposing them in the court record, and then they were going to turn around and use the same exact scam. 

NYC law enforcement also is trying to get rid of my actual phone. Thanks to Baruch College, I was able to pay for 14 months in advance. My phone bill is paid over a year in advance. 

I have called various law enforcement and government agencies thousands of times. If I didn’t, NYC law enforcement could have just had a few people shove their phones in my face, crash into me, etc., and make up lies and say he started with them.  

I’m always respectful to the NYPD in person and everyone else who works for the government including everyone at Baruch College and CUNY. 

My issue is not with any of you. It’s with the high-ranking members of NYC law enforcement that took money to ruin my life. I am trying to expose them legally. They aren’t happy about that.

New York City law enforcement is going to try and lie and say I was rude to several people at Baruch College. Of course, they will have several eye witnesses. It’s the same scam they use over and over. I’m not giving up.

Opinion: NYC law enforcement just had someone chasing me around a restaurant, saying he worked there when he didn’t and recording me with his phone. September 15, 2021.


People I know pay New York City law enforcement to harass me every day. NYC law enforcement sends people in plain clothes to try and pick fights with me and sabotage me one after the next. They harass me in the subway, in the streets, and in stores. I have reported it to various government agencies thousands of times.

I was just in a restaurant on 6 Avenue in New York City. I was minding my own business, waiting to pay for my food.

Someone who was not in any type of uniform starts yelling at me and chasing me around the restaurant. The person was recording me with his phone.

When he first started talking to me I said I’m waiting in line to pay. After he started getting agressive with me, I ignored the person. Also, I don’t think the person even worked there.

The man left the restaurant and came back in with two police officers a few minutes later. The police officers said come outside. I said I’m waiting to pay. I’m standing in line not saying a word to anyone. What did I do wrong?

The police officer again said some outside. I said, I already started eating the sandwich, I have to pay for it. Plus I’m standing here minding my own business. Not saying a word to anyone. What’s the issue?

The police officer said, I’m recording you. I said, OK, I’m not doing anything wrong and I don’t have a criminal record.

The cops finally agreed to let me pay. I paid and went outside with the two police officers.

We had a quck conversation and that was it.

I suspect the whole thing was a usual set up by New York City law enforcement. The person who said he worked at the restaurant probably is connected with my college, The City University of New York, or the gym I go to or something like that.

The police run scams on me like this every day.

If you have an emergency call 911. This is my opinion. Verify everything yourself.

Opinion: Emails to Baruch College about being thrown out of school. September 13, 2021.



Thank you for the information. 

This week I made two student grievances. 

  1. A few sentences about attendance being included in CUNY first so students know what their attendance record is. Also, I mentioned that I believe there should be more security cameras inside Baruch College. 
  2. The second student grievance was a few sentences about a student purposely trying to crash into me on a day the school was almost empty, and there were no classes. 

That’s grounds for being thrown out of Baruch College?  

I 100% respect you. I will always treat you with the utmost respect at all times. Regardless if we agree with each other or not. 

Regardless of what happens, I don’t blame you. I know there are a lot of other factors involved. 

I’m a model and respectful student. The only time I ever get reprimanded is for reporting things at school. It’s never for my behavior.

I always treat everyone at CUNY with the utmost respect at all times. That includes professors, students, security guards, and staff. 

I’m making the best out of the situation like always, and hopefully, I won’t be expelled from school for respectfully reporting issues at school.

I just read that a disciplinary sanction means you’re trying to have me thrown out of school for reporting that I’m being harassed. 

I have no animosity towards you or anyone at Baruch College. With that being said I am going to take this up with the 


Hopefully, I’ll have time to sue before I’m kicked out of school. I only want to be treated fairly and have someone from the courts look at the claims against me and clear my record because I don’t believe I ever did anything wrong. 

I’ve had excellent experiences with judges in my life, and the only time I hear from CUNY is to tell me I’m doing something wrong when reporting that I’m being harassed. 

Last semester the police arrested me and charged me with a misdemeanor. 

The police took audio of me and edited it into new conversations, exactly like the movie “Tango and Cash” from 1989. 

The police proceeded to buy a phone with cash and call Nassau County Police Headquarters. The police had the civilians at Nassau County Police Headquarters sign sworn statements saying the calls were real. 

Long story short, I respectfully and thoughtfully navigated the case so well that the judge let me go with a violation. 

I could have been completely exonerated, but the police were playing so dirty that I didn’t want to take any chances. I took the vio and ran. Needless to say, I haven’t been back to Nassau County. 

Right before the case started the police went into both of my CUNY emails that were on double verification, Baruch College and LaGuardia Community College, and erased dozens or hundreds of emails that would have helped my case. 

They also erased emails between LaGuardia Community College security and me discussing times when I was harassed at LaGuardia Community by students. 

Additional emails erased were between the Nassau County Executive’s Office and me. I was reporting that the police won’t stop harassing me. 

I understand you are just doing your job. 

I don’t hold you responsible for any of this. I still hope to make you proud of me one day. 

I’m 45 years old. I’m smart enough to know that I have no idea what’s happening behind the scenes at Baruch College and CUNY. For all I know, you might be my biggest ally and supporter.

I’ll stop using the sg form forever. 

You told me to stop contacting anyone at CUNY about people I grew up with paying NYC law enforcement to harass me, and I did. 

I was in the emergency room of two hospitals three times this week. Nothing COVID-related or contagious. 

The police were harassing me like usual.

In the meantime, I’ll stop using the sg form forever under any circumstances.  

I’m not sure what sg I ever submitted that wasn’t pertaining to Baruch College, although I’m sure I’ll find out.

I never heard any feedback from any of the sg forms I filled out.  

I’m in jeopardy of being out of school for respectfully reporting that I’m being harassed and other things pertaining to what’s going on at school.

I still have never been shown one email or sg that didn’t pertain to CUNY or that was inappropriate after respectfully asking a few times. I’ve only been threatened. 

Since the start of this semester, I’ve already started to turn in homework that isn’t due until October and November in September. 

Currently, I’m spending 10 or 12 hours per day on schoolwork. 

One more time, I don’t blame you or anyone at Baruch College for any of this. I blame a few high-ranking members of NYC law enforcement and the people I grew up with who pay them to sabotage me. 

I’m a fan and respect everyone at Baruch College.

I look forward to respectfully clearing my name and succeeding at Baruch College. 

I hope I don’t get kicked out of Baruch College. If I do, I’m going to cold call every professional investment company in America and any other country T Mobile will allow me to call for free 15 hours per day until someone invests in one of my startups. 

If by some miracle a professional investor gives me six or seven figures as an investment that would be turning lemons into lemonade.

There is no point in complaining because everyone has their own issues. 

If I do raise the money, you’re going to be the first person I email and I know you will be proud of me knowing that I’ve been street homeless for five years while earning all As at CUNY. 

I’m not going to contact anyone to try and mediate this inside CUNY. I’m going to file a lawsuit with the New York State Court of Claims. There is no animosity attached to the lawsuit. I just want a judge to look at all this and try to have my record cleared because I want to attend Baruch College and the CUNY journalism school. 

Whatever I have to do, please let me know. Hopefully, I get another chance. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

Next email.


If you see my email signature at school doesn’t have anything about the police in it anymore. 

I was just looking at the email I sent you and in my email signature was information about the police.

I’m not even going to speculate how it got in there. I removed it. 

There has not been any mention of the police in my email signature this whole semester in any emails I’ve sent at Baruch College. 

The only email that included information about the police in my email signature was the email I just sent you because I didn’t realize it was in there. 

Thank you and have a great day.  

Ever upward, 

Mark Pine