Publishing Idea


Text-to-speech news articles into a player. 


I’m confident that other people have thought of this.

Use this information at your own risk.

Results are not guaranteed.

All information is subject to change.

This is merely a basic idea.

The odds are it will never generate a penny for me. 

I’m not exactly sure how this will work, although here is the idea as it stands now. 

You have the computer reading news articles.

It’s out there now.

The difference is that instead of visiting a news website and reading the articles, with my idea, you can download the articles/categories you want and listen to them. 

You can have a version with ads for free.

You can have a version without ads that will be paid. 

I don’t want to read when I’m about to go to sleep.

I want to listen to the news.

There are amazing news articles I would love to hear.

With this idea, you can listen to text-to-speech news articles like you listen to music. 

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