U.S. Law Enforcement’s Crime Menu

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If you have an emergency call 911.

I’m not an attorney.

I don’t work for the government.

In my opinion, the following are crimes that people I know pay U.S. law enforcement to commit on a daily basis.

I have reported all this to New York City law enforcement and they blocked my phone number and email.

If you work for the government and would like specific details contact me anytime 24/7.

Of course, you don’t have to believe me.

If you want search the web and see what members of law enforcement have been arrested for lately.

U.S. Law Enforcement’s Crime Menu

  1. Pay men to have sex with people and say they were attacked.
  2. Pay women to have sex with people and say they were attacked.
  3. Sabotage people’s food in restaurants.
  4. Sabotage people’s food in supermarkets.
  5. Send people to pick fights with people to get them in trouble.
  6. Rob people.
  7. Give people tickets.
  8. Offer people illegal deals to sabotage them.
  9. Pay men to shove their phones in peoples faces and say they were attacked.
  10. Pay women to shove their phones in people’s faces and say they were attacked.
  11. Remotely access peoples phones and laptops to steal their ideas.
  12. Investigate people to see if they are doing anything illegal.
  13. Edit audio and video of people into new conversations to get them in trouble.
  14. Have drug addicts and drug dealers follow people around and pretend they are together.
  15. Kill people with drugs and say they were a drug addict.
  16. Kill people and say they killed themselves.
  17. Run people over with vehicles.
  18. Use incapacitating agents on people.
  19. Loan people money to set them up for lawsuits.
  20. Law enforcement can have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of women and men of all ages lie to have people kicked out of businesses.
  21. Law enforcement lets career criminals out of prison to attack or kill people and then throws them back in jail.
  22. Law enforcement can have as many women and men of all ages lie and say anything law enforcement wants them to say.
  23. For a fee law enforcement will have the FBI, NYPD 911, and other law enforcement harass people on the phone when they call for help.
  24. People I know pay the NYPD so when I call NYPD 911 the NYPD 911 operators tease me and harass me on the phone when I call to report that law enforcement is harassing me.
  25. People I know pay law enforcement to have the FBI run scams on me when I call the FBI to report that law enforement is teasing, sabotaging, harassing, robbing, and drugging me.
  26. Law enforcement will remotely sabotage people’s laptops and phones for money.