Opinion: The government and others have to change the way they give away free food to individuals in need.

I treat everyone with the utmost respect at all times on the phone and in person. That is more important than anything. I’m allowed to complain on my website and that’s what I’m about to do. That doesn’t mean I’m disrespectful in person because I’m not. 

New York law enforcement is looking to make up any lie they can to sabotage me. They are literally harassing me as I write this. I’m outside on East 37th Street between 3rd Avenue and Lexington Avenue in Murray Hill, New York City writing this post. If you would like to watch New York law enforcement and their civilian team harass me stop on by. 

Disclaimer: Use this information at your own risk. 

No one is doing the homeless people a favor when it comes to giving us free food at soup kitchens or food pantries. I don’t want food handed to me. I want to select my own food from a supermarket like I do when I’m receiving SNAP from the public assistance office. 

I’m not naming names because of the complete scam of defamation laws in the United States but I have seen law enforcement and their civilian team tampering with food thousands of times in New York City. New York law enforcement has tampering with food down to a science. You aren’t going to take one bite or sip of something and drop dead. They will gradually make you sick.  

I have been homeless for five years. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t have a criminal record. People I know pay New York law enforcement to sabotage and torture me. 

I have seen a lot of nice homeless people over the years. I have no idea how they became homeless. I have seen a lot of homeless people with full-time jobs who sleep in the subway. There is nothing wrong with them, they have no money and bad credit. For whatever reason, they don’t want to leave New York City. 

Stop thinking you are doing us a favor when you donate to soup kitchens or food pantries. The United States government and law enforcement lock up more people than any other country in the world. The people who upset them that they can’t set up, they make homeless and then torture like they are doing to me right now. 

Then when the US government and law enforcement steal all our money, then they know we have to go to soup kitchens and food pantries to eat. I’m not saying every soup kitchen and food pantry allows the US government and law enforcement to tamper with the food. Some do, some don’t. I don’t want to figure it out the hard way.  

My question to you is this. If someone from the FBI, NYPD, or federal/state law enforcement told you to help them tamper with someone’s food or you’re fired, what would you do? From my experience, a percentage of people say yes and others say no. I’m not going to give exact percentages. Use your imagination.  

If you want to donate food to homeless people give us gift cards to Walmart, Target, supermarkets, etc. things like that. We are already homeless. We don’t need to worry about law enforcement tampering with our food because they are doing it in New York City 7 days per week. Fact. 

College Opinion

Email to the sexual harassment office at my CUNY school. I’m steering clear of student’s personal information. I’m also avoiding private unsupervised online meetings with my classmates.


I treat all CUNY staff with the utmost respect at all times, regardless if I agree with their policies or not. I love CUNY. I think it’s a great opportunity. The staff is amazing. 

I’m going full steam ahead with schoolwork so I don’t have hours to write a detailed email at this minute. 

Every class this semester is either sending me full contact information and full names of every student and wants me to confirm that I received it or is requiring me to have private internet meetings with students that are not supervised by a teacher. 

I don’t want personal information for any students, female or male. I don’t want to be in any internet group chats with students. I don’t want to be in any private groups with students.

I can get the work done for these classes without having the personal contact information of other students. It’s one thing to be in class but to be interacting with students without a teacher supervising, I don’t think it’s professional. 

I think CUNY is doing a great job with distance learning. The only issue I have is the sharing of student’s personal information between students. Also, I’m not a fan of forcing students to interact with each other online without a teacher supervising. 

I have proven I’m a respectful and serious student. At the end of the day, all the sharing of personal info and a few group meetings should not exclude me from an education because I don’t want to take part in it. 

There have been multiple CUNY teachers fired for inappropriate behavior and misunderstandings with students. I don’t know for sure but I’d imagine there have been students expelled from school because of misunderstandings or inappropriate behavior between students.  

I’m staying clear of interacting with students until I’m back in the bio lab when school opens back up. Even then it will be on a first-name basis and nothing outside of class. 

Please advise what the policy is. 

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward and respectfully, 

Mark Pine

I love CUNY.

Government Opinion

Notice of claim to sue the NYC Comptroller’s office.


First and foremost I treat everyone at the NYC Comptroller’s office, HRA, CUNY, USPS, etc. with the utmost respect at all times. I will continue to treat everyone with the maximum level of respect. 

I would like to sue the NYC Comptroller’s office for $105,000.00. If anyone saw what is going on between New York law enforcement and myself they would be shocked. People I know pay New York law enforcement to torture people including me. 

I appreciate everything that the NYC Comptroller’s office has done for me. The NYC Comptroller’s office has done more to help me with the NYPD than any other government agency. 

There are a few reasons I want to sue. The main reason is that I have a feeling that the NYC Comptroller’s office is stalling my lawsuits against HRA and CUNY to buy the NYPD and New York law enforcement more time to sabotage me. 

I could be wrong but if I’m not I need to let everyone involved know what’s going on. For example, I have had one teacher at CUNY send me an email with every girl/woman’s full name and email address in one of my classes with a note to please confirm I received every girl’s email. I politely notified the teacher that I do not feel comfortable having any student’s personal information and I don’t want anyone having my information unnecessarily. 

If I’m in a biology lab and we share first names that is a different story. All it takes is someone from New York law enforcement or their civilian team to send one email from my account to a girl from CUNY and I’m gone. New York law enforcement has accessed my email and social media accounts so many times I lost count. They are probably in there right now. 

Another teacher asked me to join an online group chat with all the girls in my class full names and easy access to contact them all. I’m sure it’s all standard procedure and a coincidence. I kindly declined.

I contacted the Chancellor and sexual harassment office at school. I asked them if I could please be excused from online group chats with students. I have all the information for the class. I don’t need a group chat with what I’m dealing with from New York law enforcement.

I have a 4.0 GPA after 27 credits without any group chat. Also, I was in an online form last semester as per a teacher’s instructions. Immediately I have a girl sending me a message flirting that was totally unprofessional. I ignored the message. 

The second reason I want to sue the NYC Comptroller’s office is that I believe it’s your fiduciary duty to report if anyone from New York law enforcement or representative of New York law enforcement has contacted your office and asked you to sabotage me in any way. I hope it’s a violation not to report it to the authorities. I know for a 100% fact that New York law enforcement contacts every government agency I interact with and sabotages me. 

Now I know that there is no one to report it to and New York law enforcement has no real oversight. Until anyone wants to admit that we can all follow the rules. 

I don’t take any of this personally. I will continue to treat all parties involved with the utmost respect at all times. I’ll be in this week with a notarized notice of claim to sue the NYC Comptroller’s office.

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward, 

Mark Pine