Opinion: New scam that NYC law enforcement ran on me right now. March 8, 2022.


Here we go again.

I just tried to pay my bill on a company’s website.  

The website wouldn’t take my debit card. 

I called up and asked for support. 

This is where the scam comes in. 

I was talking with the first customer service person about to give my card information. In the middle of the call the person said, I can’t hear you and hung up. 

I suspect the reason the person hung up was because NYC law enforcement told her to hang up so they can lie and say I was rude.

People I know pay NYC law enforcement to harass me every day. They tried to set me up and lock me up thousands of times. It didn’t work so now NYC law enforcement (New York FBI and NYPD) run around and tell people to lie and say Mark Pine is rude and smells. That’s what billions of dollars a year to NYC law enforcement buys us. Ideas such as that one.

I called back and the next person took my card, and the bill was paid. 

NYC law enforcement will take audio they have of me complaining about NYC law enforcement and edit it into new conversations with people at that company. 

NYC law enforcement will lie and say the audio of me complaining about NYC law enforcement was directed at people at that company. 

These are the types of scams that NYC law enforcement runs on me all day long. 

I don’t take it personal when regular people try and sabotage me on behalf of NYC law enforcement. I understand most people don’t want to deal with the drama.

I will continue to treat everyone at that company with the utmost respect at all times.

Thank you.

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