Opinion: The NYPD has dozens of civilian women and men that don’t officially work for law enforcement in regular clothes harassing me every week.


The NYPD has dozens of civilian women and men per week harassing me. 

I have no idea about the scam team’s identities. 

I ignore them. 

The big secret is that the NYPD and New York City law enforcement have a huge civilian plain clothes lie and scam team. 

New York City law enforcement pays business people, students, drug addicts, drug dealers, etc., to run scams for law enforcement. 

You can read about law enforcement scams on Wikipedia


For example:

1. They shove their phones in my face.

2. They record me with their phones when I’m minding my own business not bothering anyone. 

3. They crash into me. 

4. They have young women play made you look with me. 

For example, a woman will slam or drop something. 

When I go to look what’s going on, it’s a teenage woman that runs scams for law enforcement bent over wearing workout clothes with people recording me looking. 

Then the same woman will crash into me and shove her phone in my face at 5 different locations around New York City.

5. They blow drug smoke in my face. 

6. They rob me. 

7. They vandalize my property. 

8. They sabotage my food. 

9. They run around and drive around in the street when I’m walking and riding a bicycle, trying to cause accidents. 

10. Much more. 

NYPD Internal Affairs knows, and they can care less.

I contacted groups that are supposed to be the oversight for the FBI, and no one responded. 

I contacted the Department of Justice, and no one responded. 

People I know have been paying law enforcement to run scams since the 1990s. 

I’m going on the record right now. 

Law enforcement is spending millions of dollars to try and get me kicked out of every place I go. 

Law enforcement has their plain clothes civilian lie and scam team harass me inside and outside of Baruch College, the gym, supermarkets, the subway, stories, etc. 

I always ignore them. 

Law enforcement has people harass me in the gym’s locker room constantly. 

I ignore them. 

If you say one word to New York City law enforcement’s plain clothes civilian lie and scam team, you will be either arrested or kicked out of every place you go. 

The NYPD will side against you regardless of what the evidence is in front of them. 

I’m not a lawyer. 

Use this information at your own risk. 

If you have any emergency, call 911. 

I’m just a blogger. 

This is all my opinion. 

If any member of New York City law enforcement’s plain clothes civilian lie and scam team approaches me at Baruch College, the gym, etc., and says they recognize me from somewhere and have a problem with me, want to be friends with me, etc., I’m ignoring the person and walking away. 

I don’t care if someone pours a can of paint on my head and curses me out.

I’m walking away. 

If someone turned over their life to the negative energy in the universe, and that’s how they survive, I say have fun. 

That’s their punishment. 

In my opinion, the worst thing you can do to New York City law enforcement’s plain clothes civilian lie and scam team is ignore them. 

The lie and scam team is being paid to start arguments with people. 

That’s their job. 

Mark Pine 

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Mark Pine

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