Opinion: I suspect New York City law enforcement, including the NYPD, are threatening the people at the Human Resources Administration not to pay my storage invoice.


Greetings HRA,

People I know pay law enforcement to harass me constantly. It’s nothing new. I’m used to it. 

I always treat everyone at HRA 16th St with the utmost respect at all times. 

I never mention to anyone at HRA 16th St that people I know pay New York City law enforcement to sabotage every move I make at Baruch College, HRA, supermarkets, and everywhere else. 

Every month I upload a perfectly clear copy of my storage invoice into Access HRA. 

Every month my storage invoice doesn’t get paid. 

Then I have to go to HRA 16th St in person with the storage invoice, and then it gets paid. 

Again, I’m not saying a word to anyone at HRA 16th St about law enforcement sabotaging me. 

I suspect law enforcement is telling people at HRA not to pay the invoice. 

Yesterday morning I brought my storage invoice to HRA 16th St. 

I was as polite and respectful as humanly possible. 

I just looked at Access HRA, and there is no record that my storage invoice was brought in to HRA 16th St yesterday. 

So now what’s happening is I upload my storage invoice, and nothing happens. 

Then I go into HRA on 16th St, and nothing happens, so I have to keep going back to HRA 16th St over and over. 

Yesterday the people at HRA 16th St said that the “system was down” and they would upload my storage information after I left. 

It was never uploaded. 

So now I’m going to go back again today. 

I will continue to treat your staff as politely and respectfully as humanly possible. 

It’s not their fault that law enforcement is being paid to run around the city and threaten people to sabotage me at every place I go. 

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. 

Thank you. 

Mark Pine

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