Opinion: I suspect I may have information about a few people that law enforcement murdered and didn’t get caught.



My dream is that I can get some of the law enforcement people that are harassing me locked up one day. 

There are a few people that I suspect law enforcement murdered and got away with it.

I’m more than happy to provide the information I have to anyone from the government that wants it. 

It’s documented that New York City law enforcement has murdered several innocent people in the last five years, so my information, if correct, would just add to that. 

Let’s not pretend that the NYPD hasn’t recently murdered innocent people. 

Law enforcement has been harassing me for years. 

I’ve learned a lot about their lies and scams. 

It’s not that complicated. 

For example, I suspect that when law enforcement wants to kill someone, they have a few ways of doing it. 

1. They will murder the person with drugs. 

2. They will murder the person during a robbery. 

3. They will run the person over. 

4. They will say the person killed themself. 

5. They will let someone out of prison who would have been serving life just to kill someone and then put the person back in jail.

I created a website markpine.com, all about law enforcement harassing me.

Mark Pine 

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