Follow up regarding my August storage invoice with the New York City Human Resources Administration. July 11, 2023.


Greetings HRA,

If or when someone is available, please let me know if I need to visit the HRA office on East 16th St in New York City every month with my storage invoice. 

Or can upload my storage invoice to the Access HRA mobile app instead. 

I uploaded a copy of my August storage invoice to the Access HRA mobile app this month.

 Additionally, I visited the HRA office on East 16th St in New York City this morning, July 11, 2023, and handed in a printed-out copy of my August storage invoice. 

I checked my Access HRA account, and the website hasn’t yet been updated. 

Access HRA isn’t showing that I was there today with my storage invoice. 

I checked under documents. 

I’ll keep an eye on the documents section on the Access HRA website. 

If, for some reason, the website doesn’t update and show that I dropped off my August 2023 storage invoice in person today at HRA 16th St NYC, I’ll gladly stop by 16th St again this Friday or Monday. 

Please advise.

Thank you and have a great day.

Mark Pine

Thank you for contacting the City of New York. Your message has been forwarded to the appropriate agency for review and handling.

For future reference, your correspondence number is 1-1-1302416


The City of New York

This is an auto-generated system message. Please do not reply to this message. Messages received through this address are not processed.

Thank you.

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