Opinion: A college-age civilian woman in plain clothes that runs scams for law enforcement just ran into the street at 42nd St and Madison Ave in Manhattan to harass me.



Tonight law enforcement had their civilian lie and scam team driving around me very aggressively. 

I was riding a bicycle, holding my phone in front of me with the video recorder on. 

When I approached 42nd St and Madison Ave in New York City, a college-age woman ran into the street in front of me. 

She was standing in the bus lane holding her head with cars driving by.

I stopped the bicycle I was on and stopped recording. 

I called NYPD 911. 

The NYPD 911 operator started playing around on the phone like they always do when I call. 

I did not give the NYPD 911 operator an address, and I didn’t ask for her to send the police. 

Many NYPD 911 operators know me because I’ve called NYPD 911 over 20,000 times during the last 7 years to report law enforcement and their plain clothes civilian lie and scam team for harassing me. 

After the NYPD 911 operator was done playing around on the recorded law enforcement phone line, she said the police are on their way without having any address and hung up. 

Law enforcement also has their plain clothes lie, and scam team drive with one arm completely out of the window of their vehicles to let me know it’s them. 

Eventually, the woman in plain clothes moved, and I rode by. 

This story can be easily confirmed by the recorded call to NYPD 911.

Additionally, I assume there are security cameras that cover the intersection at 42 St and Madison Ave in Manhattan. 

It’s a very busy intersection. 

Plus, I gave law enforcement the exact time it happened. 

It’s amazing to me that there are innocent people in prison, and United States law enforcement is robbing, stealing, committing felonies constantly, and flushing billions of dollars of taxpayer dollars down the toilet.

Mark Pine

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Mark Pine

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