Opinion: I discovered another scam New York City law enforcement is running on me with my Baruch  College classes. 



I have responsibilities like everyone else except for the members of New York City law enforcement that harass me. 

For example, I have schoolwork. 

The members of New York City law enforcement that harass me, on the other hand, have billions of dollars in resources and can do whatever they want.

Additionally, New York City law enforcement has thousands of full-time and part-time staff that run scams all day long and don’t even think about helping anyone. 

I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

People I know pay New York City law enforcement and other police departments in New York and other states to rob, steal, scam, cover up crimes, etc. 

Law enforcement doesn’t have any oversight, so they have almost no chance of getting caught. 

I know people that have been committing crimes with law enforcement since the 90s. 

New York City law enforcement has a team of employees that manages my situation at Baruch College. 

For example, New York City law enforcement has a team of employees that make sure I have Baruch College students harassing me every day at school.

 I have Baruch College students crashing into me, shoving their phones in my face, etc. 

I just ignore them and walk away. 

I don’t even report it for the most part because they know where all the security cameras are, and they avoid them. 

I just figured out a scam that law enforcement ran on me to sabotage me for the Fall 2023 semester. 

I can’t disclose everything because I’m still a student at Baruch College.

If I disclose everything here, law enforcement will use it against me.

There are a few things I’m very comfortable disclosing.

 Law enforcement waited until 3 weeks before the start of the Baruch College Fall 2023 semester to cancel one of my easiest and most fun classes. 

This is where law enforcement’s lies, scams, and sneakiness really shine through. 

Law enforcement has their plain clothes civilian lie and scam team blow marijuana smoke and vape mist at me almost every day. 

That drains almost all of my emergency. 

It also wastes hours of my day because I have to visit emergency rooms and urgent cares every day to get checked out after law enforcement drugs me. 

Law enforcement held back putting at least one class on the CUNY First booking system.

Then after law enforcement saw that I picked my classes and wasn’t checking the CUNY First system anymore, law enforcement put up classes that they know I would have signed up for. 

Now I know for the future, I have to keep checking because law enforcement is running non-stop scams on me at Baruch College. 

Mark Pine

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Mark Pine

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