Opinion: New York City law enforcement is spending millions of dollars trying to get me kicked out of a gym, Baruch College, supermarkets, etc. 


People I know pay New York City law enforcement to sabotage, harass, tease, rob, drug me, and much more. 

I’m making it my life’s work to expose United States law enforcement and clean it up. 

I say pay law enforcement more so they can fight crime instead of committing crimes. 

Make law enforcement a difficult job to get because of high pay.

I’ve documented many of the scams that law enforcement runs on me in the exhibits of my lawsuit Mark Pine vs The City University of New York.

I’m not a lawyer. 

I don’t know anything about the law. 

Still, law enforcement and their plain clothes civilian lie and scam team keep running the same scams on me, so I continue documenting it. 

People I know pay law enforcement to rob, steal, commit financial fraud, cheat on their taxes, etc.

In my opinion, if anyone that works for the government interferes, they are fired. 

I’ve contacted hundreds of United States government agencies tens of thousands of times via email and on the phone. 

I can’t find one person that works for the United States government to stop law enforcement from harassing me. 

The only people that helped me at all are the New York State Courts and the New York City Comptroller’s Office. 

Here is one of today’s scams courtesy of law enforcement. 

I don’t know the identity of the person that was harassing me. 

If I see the person, I won’t recognize him. 

Even if I did recognize the person, I don’t care.

Law enforcement has people harass me constantly.

It’s nothing new.

I always ignore them all.

I was riding a bicycle on 7th Ave in Chelsea, New York City, on July 25, 2023, in the morning. 

I was on my way to a supermarket. 

I never eat in restaurants, only in supermarkets. 

A man grabs me and pushes me while I’m riding the bicycle rental. 

That was it. 

The person walked in one direction. 

I kept riding the bicycle towards the supermarket. 

I’m guessing that the person was trying to pick a fight with me on behalf of New York City law enforcement. 

The person probably belongs to my gym, Baruch College, or other places I go. 

Law enforcement pays civilian women and men to run around in regular clothes and try and pick fights with me. 

I just ignore them. 

If a person reacts to that scam, law enforcement will have 100 witnesses, and they will all go running back to the places you go to get you kicked out. 

People I know have been paying law enforcement to run these types of scams since the 1990s or earlier. 

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