Opinion: Email to government agencies about never calling New Jersey 911 and the New Jersey Police under any circumstances.



I’m on the PATH train headed to Newport now. 

Law enforcement already has their regular clothes female and male civilian lie and scam team running their usual tricks and scams on me. 

I’m not calling 911 when I’m inside New Jersey. 

I’m not calling the police when I’m in New Jersey. 

I’m going to call the DOJ extension 0 and 4. 

I might call a few FBI offices. 

I might leave a few messages for US Attorney Offices.  

If my phone calls the New Jersey Police or New Jersey 911 that means I’m sleeping and law enforcement or their civilian lie and scam team has my phone. 

I will be doing Baruch College CUNY schoolwork today in New Jersey while law enforcements civilian lie and scam team teases and harasses me as usual. 

Sent from my phone.

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine

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Mark Pine

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