Letter to Comptroller Stringer about me suing the NYPD.

Mark Pine

Comptroller Stringer

NYPD lawsuit 

January 26, 2020 

I would like to sue the NYPD for $105,000.00 

There are several reasons. I suspect people I know pay them to torture me. 

I went to the NYPD 17th Precinct on January 23, 2020 at 2:48 AM I wanted to get a Police report because someone broke my laptop. I was denied by the Police officer at the front desk. I kindly asked him his shield number and he told me it’s 12106. I then spoke with the sergeant on duty and he also denied me a Police report for my broken laptop.

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Do not commit crime in 2020 and beyond.

I’m not a member of the United States government or law enforcement. I’m a regular person or civilian just like you. People I know pay the Police, government in the United States to terrorize people including me. Having them torture me for almost a decade, has taught me a few things. This is my opinion, use this information at your own risk. I’m not a lawyer. If you have specific questions, talk with an attorney.

The majority of people are living check to check. The government has billions or trillions of dollars. You can not understand what that means until you see it in action. Imagine the most evil person you have ever met having billions of dollars. Then imagine that same person coming after you with all those resources. That’s what it’s like dealing with the government. I’m not saying life is always easy. All I’m saying is, in my humble opinion, once you have a criminal record the government owns you. After they get you the first time, they can make up any lie about you and no one is going to help you unless you are rich.

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The NYPD wants to kill me with a heart attack at 43.

People I know pay the NYPD and other law enforcement to torture me. They have drugged me hundreds of times. They have women try to set me up for leering and stalking. They have women and men try and pick fights with me. They destroy my property. They physically attack me. 

I have survived so much torture from them it’s unbelievable. I know the NYPD and New York law enforcement inside and out by now. The same way that they know me. I’m going on the record right now and saying under the circumstances, I’m healthy. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I eat healthily. 

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