The ways I can imagine the NYPD would try to get me kicked out of Baruch College CUNY.


1. The police could say I said something foul to a student, professor, or staff member. Of course, I would never do that. I have had several arguments with the police on the phone. I wonder if there would be any way for the NYPD with their multi billion dollar per year budget to use the audio they have of me arguing with them out of context? For example, use the audio of me arguing with the police and say the words were directed to someone at CUNY. 

2. The police could say that I was stalking a student. I’m 44. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t have a criminal record. I don’t do anything illegal. The police I deal with would still try and lie and say Mark Pine the 44 year old with no criminal record who is on the Dean’s List with all As is now going on a crime spree. It does make me think. Let’s say I’m on the phone with students because I’m being told that it’s mandatory by my teachers. Then let’s say I run into one or more of the students in real life. Then one or more of the students says this guy is following me or something like that. What would happen? The civilians I grew up with who pay New York law enforcement would pay a lot of money to anyone who could get me kicked out of school. Is the NYPD connected with any students at CUNY? 

3. Last but not least. The police go into all my email and social media accounts, sabotage them and impersonate me. Someone just went into my LaGuardia Community College email and erased a bunch of important emails.

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