Email to the CUNY Chancellor and Baruch College President about privacy among students.


I also included the CUNY and Baruch College Title IX Coordinators in the email. I didn’t mention that people I know pay New York law enforcement to torture me.

If I get into a pair in one of my classes with a female or male student at Baruch College my civilian enemies and their law enforcement crime partners will have me kicked out of school in a New York second.

New York law enforcement has sabotaged me at every New York government agency I’ve ever dealt with including CUNY.


First and foremost, I treat everyone at The City University of New York (CUNY), the New York City Comptroller’s Office, HRA, etc., with the utmost respect at all times. Treating people respectfully is more important than anything. That includes CUNY and Baruch College staff, professors, and students. 

I believe getting into groups/pairs with students during college classes and sharing personal information should be optional. That applies to distance learning and at school.

Today, I’m starting to contact thousands of schools, organizations, government agencies, news organizations, blogs, etc. to initiate the change nationally and globally. I believe that students should have the option to maintain their privacy at college. I’m going to start with New York and then go state by state contacting various institutions and organizations.

I love to meet and interact with people. My goal in life is to have a positive impact on society. Unfortunately, with the number of catastrophes at colleges between students plus students and professors, I have to request permission to maintain my privacy at school. 

College is too important for me to open myself up to a situation that is out of my control and could potentially derail my education.
CUNY professors from John Jay and LaGuardia Community College have recently been terminated due to their interactions with students. 

Why would I want to expose myself to those types of situations? For all I know, there may have been additional teachers terminated. Professors are forcing me to get into small groups with students, while simultaneously being fired for the same thing. 

I have no access to find out how many students have been suspended from CUNY schools due to having issues with other students. Nationwide, the number of students being expelled from school for having issues between students might be in the thousands or tens of thousands. 

Why am I being forced into groups when it’s such a small part of the big picture, yet has the ability to have someone thrown out of school in one second flat? There have been too many misfortunate events for there not to be an option to opt out. I don’t see it as a big deal for students to have the option of being a solo group. 

I can volunteer at countless organizations throughout the city and work alongside people. I have and will again. Respectfully, with the calamities that have taken place, I don’t want to socialize at college. If it works for other people, I wish them the best. I’m at CUNY for the degree and to learn. I’m not looking for dates, contacts, or anything of that nature. 

I have been harassed by at least three students, female and male, since I started at CUNY. I have no idea who they are. Furthermore, I don’t know who these individuals are connected with, but they sure didn’t seem to be too concerned about getting in trouble. All the students were harassing me in clear view of security cameras. I ignored all of them. A person can pour a can of paint on my head and I won’t react. 

I don’t want to form groups with female or male students. I don’t want to have supervised and/or unsupervised phone calls, zoom calls, emails, etc. with female or male students. I don’t want student’s personal information and I don’t want them having my personal information.

The climate is so strict right now. Any claim, made by any student, against another student, is agony for the accused. 

Why in my right mind, would I want to break into groups with students? I don’t see an upside. All I see is a downside. 

Could you imagine the coincidence if I ran into a female or male student somewhere in New York City after we had broken into a group at school and someone claimed that something happened? 


Not because of me. I grew up around millionaires. Some of them were nice. Some of them run scams and sabotage people. I have reported them to the proper authorities. 

I have a 3.975 GPA so far at CUNY after 36 credits. 

If I have to break into groups with students I will. I will treat everyone with the utmost respect and professionalism. 

I’m confident that there are a lot of students, female and male, who feel the same way that I do about being forced into small groups at college. I have a strong feeling that we have the chance to save people from uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations if we can make the change. 

Please provide any feedback you deem appropriate.

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

I always treat everyone with the utmost respect. Treating people respectfully is more important than anything. I love The City University of New York. 

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