Extra phone number for insurance purposes.


Extra phone number for insurance purposes. 

People I know pay the NYPD, NCPD, and SCPD to torture me. I’m famous in the New York law enforcement and government community. 

My social media is like an evidence file cabinet. I post everything I do on the web to try and cover myself. The police go into all my accounts and erase posts and emails plus impersonate me. 

I was arrested in Nassau County because people I know pay the Nassau County Police to sabotage me. 

I was charged with one misdemeanor for harassing the police. Yes, the Nassau County Police with however many officers they have are saying I’m harassing them by calling and reporting that I’m being harassed. 

I quickly turned over my phone records directly to my Nassau County Legal Aid Attorney who is great by the way and the Nassau County District Attorney. I also filed a Notice of Claim with the Nassau County Attorney to sue the Nassau County Police.

One lie that the Nassau County Police made up is that I was calling them from another phone in addition to my main phone number which is 917 815 5415. I don’t have another phone number except for my Google Voice number and that’s not the number they said was calling them. 

Fast forward to now. Use this information at your own risk. Verify everything yourself. All information is subject to change. 

The police rob me all the time. They don’t care who I tell. Internal Affairs is a scam. The CCRB hasn’t helped me at all. 

I have insurance on my phone. If I’m correct I can lose my phone either two or three times per year and I get a replacement for a deductible. Needless to say, the police and their civilian team stole whatever the maximum amount of phones the insurance company will replace. 

The year for my phone insurance resets in April if I’m correct. I’m about to receive my student loans from college. I want to buy the new Samsung S21. If I buy it when it is released I won’t have insurance on it for a couple of months until my phone insurance resets. 

There is no way I’m going to buy that phone and not have insurance. A person who works for the phone company gave me an idea of how I can buy the phone now and get insurance. 

Basically, I have to add a phone number to my current account. If I add a phone number to my account for two months it will cost about $200. Then I can cancel the extra phone number in April when the insurance resets for my main phone number which is 917 815 5415. 

This way if I lose the new Samsung S21 in the two months before my insurance resets I get a new one for a reasonable deductible. 

I’m not going to make 1 phone call from the new number. I’m only going to use the new phone and number to create videos and surf the web. I’m going to keep my current inexpensive phone on me if I need to make calls. 

If the police know that I have an expensive phone that is uninsured for two months they will steal it. They don’t care who I tell that phone is gone before it gets here. 

The police can not resist a chance to rob me for close to $1,000. Then they can go back to the civilians who I grew up with and tell them what a great job they are doing harassing me and everyone is happy. 

One more time. I’m not going to make 1 phone call with the new phone number. Once it gets to April or May when my insurance resets on my main number I’m going to cancel the extra phone number and move the phone over to my main phone number. 

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