I’m about to launch a lawsuit against the IRS in February.


People I know paid New York law enforcement to sabotage my 600. They went to the IRS and took my payment off direct deposit.

Now New York law enforcement can hold my check and give it to me whenever they want, which might be never. I file my taxes in February so they can’t lie and say I’m not on top of my game with the IRS. I get direct deposits from other organizations with no issue.

IRS lawsuit coming soon.

Use this information at your own risk. I don’t work for the government.

All I’m saying is that it’s my opinion that when the FBI and police tell the IRS to take my account off direct deposit and make it a check, I personally believe that the IRS did it. You can tell them I said it, I can care less.

I always treat everyone at the IRS with the utmost respect at all times. The IRS staff who took my 600 off direct deposit and made it a check aren’t interacting with the public on the phone or at the offices open to the public. They are layers behind those people.

Even if I did meet them in person I wouldn’t be disrespectful because if they don’t do what the FBI and Police tell them, law enforcement will have them fired or worse.

New York law enforcement sabotages me at every government agency I interact with and a lot of private companies too. HRA, IRS, USPS, CUNY, DMV, etc.

Regardless of how much the US government and their team discriminates against me, I still treat their employees with the utmost respect in person. Hopefully, one day it will be exposed and improve.

God bless everyone who is being tortured by the US government and governments around the world.

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