Opinion: This year at Baruch College CUNY I’m receiving over $10,000 in my bank account from student loans to pay my bills. Law enforcement is looking for any lie to get me kicked out of Baruch College.



This year at school, I’m receiving over $10,000 in my bank account from student loans to pay my bills. 

People I know pay New York City law enforcement to tease me, harass me, and sabotage me. 

Law enforcement doesn’t have the slightest concern about any oversight. 

I have eight classes left at Baruch College CUNY to graduate. 

I don’t have a criminal record.

I don’t do anything illegal. 

I’m 46 years old. 

Because Baruch College is so inexpensive and my financial situation, I receive a massive refund from my student loans. 

Of course, I’ll owe a bunch of money after graduation. 

Law enforcement is spending millions of taxpayer dollars to sabotage and harass me. 

Law enforcement has absolutely no regard at all for the taxpayer’s money.

For example, law enforcement is tapping into an almost unlimited budget to try and get me kicked out of Baruch College. 

Law enforcement has a Baruch College student scam team that is constantly harassing me. 

Law enforcement’s Baruch College student scam team gets an automatic 3.0 GPA or higher without doing any schoolwork. 

Law enforcement has Baruch College students harassing me during classes, in the hallways, in the bathroom, outside of the school, and everywhere else that I left out. 

I just want to go on the record right now about my plans. 

I’m making the best of the situation. 

I’m trying to figure out how to earn money in my spare time with law enforcement’s regular clothes civilian lie and scam team teasing me, harassing me, and sabotaging me constantly. 

Law enforcement has had their student scam team harassing me since I started at The City University of New York years ago. 

Law enforcement doesn’t care how much evidence they leave in their wake.

Law enforcement and their civilian lie and scam team continue harassing me without any concern about anyone that works for the government interfering. 

I don’t drink. 

I don’t smoke. 

I don’t party. 

I don’t date. 

I’m going to use the money from my student loans refunds as I always have. 

I’m going to pay for everything I need for school. 

The rest I’m going to use to pay my essential bills as far in advance as possible.

For example, I pay my phone bill years in advance.

I pay my gym bill in advance. 

No matter how many times I detail all the scams that law enforcement is running on me to try and get me kicked out of every single place I go, including Baruch College, law enforcement continues running the same scams on me over and over. 

This is my email signature on every email I send at Baruch College. 

I always treat everyone at Baruch College with the utmost respect at all times. That includes staff, professors, security guards, and students. Treating people at Baruch College and CUNY respectfully is more important than anything. I never partake in any controversial conversations at Baruch College under any circumstances. When I’m at Baruch College I never say anything controversial, not even close. I’m always very cautious regarding the way I act at Baruch College because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope more people find out about how CUNY can help them elevate their lives the way it’s helping me. If people saw how much Baruch College and CUNY did for me in the past three years they would sign up. Since I started at CUNY, everything I’ve said at LaGuardia Community College and Baruch College is polite and respectful. I never say anything at Baruch College to anyone that’s even close to being offensive or disrespectful. If someone at Baruch College pours a can of paint on my head and throws my laptop and phone out of the window, I won’t react negatively. I will say thank you and walk away. The same thing goes for the supermarket, coworking places, gyms, storage place, etc. I’m 80% complete with my bachelors degree at Baruch College. I’m set to graduate in the next 3 semesters. My main goals at Baruch College are to treat everyone respectfully and earn a 2.0 GPA so I can graduate.

Mark Pine Baruch College CUNY signature on every email.

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine 

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Mark Pine

New York City startups, web marketing, and Baruch College journalism major. 917-815-5415 social@markpine.com