Opinion: Today April 26, 2023, the NYPD was running scams on me in person. 


Greetings NYPD Internal Affairs,

Usually the NYPD sends women and men in regular clothes to crash into me, shove their phones in my face, rob me, blow marijana smoke in my face, etc. 

When I call NYPD 911 the NYPD has the people that pick up the phone for NYPD 911 run scams on me and harass me on the phone. 

I have called NYPD 911 over 10,000 times in the past 7 years. 

I have given NYPD 911 my name, number, email, date of birth, social, etc. 

Today April 26, 2023, early in the morning the NYPD was running scams on me in person and on the phone.

I’m not sure the exact time but it was after 1 AM in the morning.

I was sitting outside in the Hudson Yards area trying to use my laptop. 

Law enforcement started remotely blocking me from using my laptop like they always do. 

Law enforcement can remotely block me from using my laptop.

Law enforcement remotely blocks me from using my laptop at Baruch College. 

I called NYPD 911. 

NYPD 911 started running scams and harass me on the phone as they always do. 

While I’m trying to report to NYPD 911 that law enforcement is remotely blocking me from using my laptop, I made it very clear that I only want to report the NYPD on the phone, I don’t want to meet the NYPD in person. 

What is a patrol cop going to do if people I know are paying the NYPD tens of thousands of dollars or more under the table to harass me? 

Two members of the NYPD showed up in person to the outdoor tables in the Hudson Years area sometime between 1 AM and 4 AM. 

The NYPD officers in uniform said that they were there because I was calling NYPD 911. 

I said I told NYPD 911 I don’t want to meet with the NYPD in the street. 

I told the NYPD officers that I’ve been to several NYPD precincts and they won’t help me at all. 

The NYPD officers said they were from the NYPD 10 Precinct in Chelsea, New York City. 

One of the NYPD officers in uniform told me he was from or living in Nassau County, Long Island. 

I immediately asked the NYPD 911 officers if they could turn on their body cameras.

The 2 NYPD officers said no, they would not turn on their body cameras. 

I got some video from when the 3 of us were standing there. 

We spoke for a while about people harassing me and that was it. 

The NYPD officers left. 

I’ve been to the NYPD 10 Precinct before to report people robbing me and harassing me.

I was denied police reports from the NYPD 10 Precinct at least 3 separate times. 

People I know have been paying the NYPD to harass me for years. 

The NYPD is claiming they have about 55,000 employees with 19,000 civilians and 36,000 law enforcement. 

What the NYPD doesn’t tell you is how many people they have running around in addition to that.

The NYPD has a lot of women and men that run scams for the NYPD part time, off the books. 

For example, the NYPD has women and men that set people up as stalkers and for sexual harassment. 

The NYPD has people that start fights to get people in trouble. 

The NYPD has their civilian lie and scam team harass me constantly.

That is why I pick up the phone and call the FBI and NYPD 911 and ignore the civilian woman and men that the NYPD sends to harass me. 

I can write 100,000 more words about this topic but I have schoolwork. 

I’m more than happy to share my phone records and bank records with any government agencies if they would like to investigate people I know paying law enforcement to harass me. 

The only time I can turn a page on the web with my laptop is when I hold my phone recording my laptop screen with one hand and I use my laptop with the other hand. 

If I’m not constantly recording my laptop screen with my phone—I can’t turn a page on the web. 

Even when my laptop does work the speed of any laptop or computer I use is down 80% compared from before law enforcement started harassing me.

Please advise if you would like any additional information from me.

The US Attorney Southern District blocked my phone number.

The NYC FBI blocked my phone number.

The Manhattan District Attorney blocked my phone number.

NYPD Internal Affairs blocked my phone number.  

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine

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