Nassau County police fabricated evidence for my case because I don’t do anything illegal.


This is an email I sent to Nassau County Legal Aid and others about it.


I stopped calling Nassau County Police headquarters and Nassau County 911 about five days before my arrest. Members of the Nassau County Police 6th Precinct told me to stop calling when I was in Great Neck and I did. Of course, Nassau County law enforcement and their civilian team continue to harass me because people I know have been paying them for decades. I just ignore them and call law enforcement and government numbers outside of Nassau County. 

This is the complaint from my arrest.

I just finished school at CUNY for the semester where I’m on the Dean’s List with a 4.0 GPA after 27 credits. Now I have to deal with being falsely arrested. 

I was looking at my Nassau County arrest complaint and immediately I noticed that they are writing that I was calling from multiple phone numbers. The only phone number I have is 917-815-5415. I have no connection with the other mobile phone number listed. 

Why are they writing that I’m calling from a phone that I have no connection with? I only have one phone. I have no money. If it wasn’t for student loans I couldn’t afford the phone I have. Why would I have two phones? 

My phone is registered in my name at T Mobile. I told the arresting officers, the Nassau County District attorney, Nassau County legal aid, and others that I will gladly share my T Mobile phone records. I have nothing to hide. I don’t do anything illegal. 

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I’ll gladly turn over my bank records if that will help. 

I can’t figure out which calls in my T Mobile account are to Nassau County 911 or NYPD 911. I know I called Nassau County 911 several times because people I know pay them to harass me. When Nassau County Police and their civilian team start harassing me and trying to pick fights with me to get me in trouble, I would call Nassau County Police headquarters or Nassau County 911. I haven’t called since about five days before my arrest. 

I think that for some reason Nassau County Police are underreporting the calls that I made. I suspect the reason is that they are embarrassed about how their operators acted and sounded on the phone. I suspect I called more times than they are reporting. I’m going to check my phone records and write up the information. 

In addition to the Nassau County police lying and saying I have two phones when I only have one, I am going to continue to analyze this complaint because I think there is at least one other thing in there that might be false. 

I have called NYPD 911 several times over the years because I spend the majority of my time in New York City and the same people I know that pay the NCPD pay the NYPD to viciously harass me.  

If anyone reading this doesn’t believe this goes on members of New York law enforcement have recently been arrested for murder, rape, child abuse, drug dealing, drunk driving, the list goes on. I can only imagine what they are getting away with. 

I only have one phone. I’m on public assistance/welfare. If it wasn’t for student loans I wouldn’t even have one phone. The whole point of calling the police is that the NYPD and NCPD are blocking me from obtaining police reports. When I call, my thought process is why would someone who is doing something illegal call NCPD headquarters? At least if anything happens I can prove that I called to report that the NCPD was viciously harassing me. The whole point of calling is for the calls to be on my phone records as evidence that I can’t get anywhere else. 

The NCPD is lying about the number of times I called to cover up the calls where they look horrible. They are lying about me calling from two phones when the whole point of calling is for the calls to be on my phone records as evidence that the police are harassing me. 

This is taken from the complaint. 

I, was working as a switchboard operator for the Nassau County Police Department communications bureau, located at 1194 Prospect Ave., Westbury, NY 11590. At approximately 10-11am another operator and I began receiving numerous phone calls from a man who identified himself as Mark Pine, using phone number 917 [hidden]. Said individual began complaining that a police officer named Rich was receiving a pension even though he was fired. He would demand to speak with a detective or the police commissioner, and continued to gripe about the police department. While describing his contempt with the police department he began to use graphic sexual language that made me uncomfortable. I notified the dispatch supervisor, who spoke with the caller and asked that he cease calling the switchboard/communications bureau. He then started calling from a different number, 917-815-5415, and when he wasn’t complaining and using vulgar language he would simply hang up when we answered his call. I clearly recognized the voice of the same caller for all of the calls received from these numbers. These calls have become a nuisance and need to stop. I am not requesting an arrest at this time. Report for documentation purposes only. This statement was prepared for me by Officer Joos and it is the truth. 

I’m going to continue working on this. I can’t believe how the Nassau County Police makes up blatant lies in police reports. I’m sitting in a subway station writing this. After about ten minutes of writing this, someone ran up to me and blew marijuana smoke in my face, and ran off. That’s been done to me hundreds of times. 

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