The Nassau County Police and their civilian team are harassing me at the Hicksville Library.


I bought hundreds of masks on Amazon. I literally change my mask three or four times per day. 

People I know pay New York law enforcement to harass me every day. Including the FBI, NYPD, NCPD, SCPD, and others. They have been paying law enforcement to terrorize people for decades. 

I have contacted the Department of Investigations, CCRB, Internal Affairs, US Attorney, District Attorney, etc. None of them have helped me at all. New York law enforcement and their huge civilian lie and scam team continue to harass me without a care in the world about being caught. 

I’m studying for college at the Hicksville Library. I went to scratch my face for a fraction of a second and I guess my mask went out of place for literally a fraction of a second. Without hesitation the split second I start adjusting my mask, the Nassau County civilian lie and scam team spring into action and start photographing me with their phones. 

These people are sick in the head. If you don’t believe this goes on Google the word cointelpro. Also, look up what members of New York law enforcement have been arrested for lately. 

I have not said one work to anyone at the library including the staff.

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Mark Pine

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