Opinion: Baruch College kept me out of jail.


Now NYC law enforcement is making up lies to try and have me kicked out.

Disclaimers: If you have an emergency, call 911. I’m not an attorney. If you need legal advice, talk with a lawyer. This is my opinion. Verify everything yourself. 

People I know pay NYC law enforcement to harass and sabotage me. They don’t care who I tell. They won’t stop. 

Baruch College probably saved me from going to jail. 

If NYC law enforcement got me in a cage, they would do horrible things to me, the food I eat, etc. If anyone in social media land doesn’t believe me, I’ll swing by the office of any major social media platform, and I’ll show you what NYC law enforcement has done to me. 

NYC law enforcement wrote me thousands of dollars in tickets that I was able to pay thanks to my student loans and money I earned delivering food. That is before NYC law enforcement wrote me thousands of dollars in tickets for riding a regular bicycle while delivering food. 

NYC law enforcement wrote me approximately 11 tickets on subways and busses. Do you know anyone that received that many tickets? I paid all but two. I just paid about $500 to the MTA. 

I have no criminal record. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t do anything illegal. 

Another way Baruch College saved me from almost having to go to jail was by affording me the ability to be able to pay for a legal website. I was able to ask attornies questions. 

What happened was the Nassau County Police Department took audio of me that NYC law enforcement is in possession of. The audio is of me complaining about NYC law enforcement on the phone while they are attacking and teasing me. 

Thanks to Baruch College I was able to pay my phone bill in advance for more than a year. If it wasn’t for Baruch College, I wouldn’t even have a phone. I’d be in jail.

Nassau County law enforcement bought a phone and said it was mine. Nassau County law enforcement edited the audio that NYC law enforcement has of me and created new conversations with people who work for Nassau County Police Headquarters. 

The people at Nassau County Police Headquarters signed sworn statements that the calls were real.

The scam that Nassau County law enforcement ran on me is similar to the movie from 1989 called “Tango and Cash.” 

Thanks to Baruch College I was able to pay for the website that allowed me to ask lawyers questions. 

My public defender was trying to sabotage my case because he was hand-selected by NYC law enforcement. 

The Nassau County District Attorney knew I was innocent and pretended they didn’t know.

I’ve been calling the NYC District Attorney and left messages asking for help.

Once NYC law enforcement saw that I figured out how to decently represent myself and that I wasn’t going to use their public defender, they let me go with a violation. 

I’m going on the record and saying the judge was very fair. Everyone else involved was breaking the law in my nonattorney, civilian, opinion.

One of the reasons NYC law enforcement let me go is because they are going to try and use a similar scam to get me kicked out of Baruch College. They didn’t want me exposing them in the court record, and then they were going to turn around and use the same exact scam. 

NYC law enforcement also is trying to get rid of my actual phone. Thanks to Baruch College, I was able to pay for 14 months in advance. My phone bill is paid over a year in advance. 

I have called various law enforcement and government agencies thousands of times. If I didn’t, NYC law enforcement could have just had a few people shove their phones in my face, crash into me, etc., and make up lies and say he started with them.  

I’m always respectful to the NYPD in person and everyone else who works for the government including everyone at Baruch College and CUNY. 

My issue is not with any of you. It’s with the high-ranking members of NYC law enforcement that took money to ruin my life. I am trying to expose them legally. They aren’t happy about that.

New York City law enforcement is going to try and lie and say I was rude to several people at Baruch College. Of course, they will have several eye witnesses. It’s the same scam they use over and over. I’m not giving up.

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