Opinion: NYC law enforcement just had someone chasing me around a restaurant, saying he worked there when he didn’t and recording me with his phone. September 15, 2021.


People I know pay New York City law enforcement to harass me every day. NYC law enforcement sends people in plain clothes to try and pick fights with me and sabotage me one after the next. They harass me in the subway, in the streets, and in stores. I have reported it to various government agencies thousands of times.

I was just in a restaurant on 6 Avenue in New York City. I was minding my own business, waiting to pay for my food.

Someone who was not in any type of uniform starts yelling at me and chasing me around the restaurant. The person was recording me with his phone.

When he first started talking to me I said I’m waiting in line to pay. After he started getting agressive with me, I ignored the person. Also, I don’t think the person even worked there.

The man left the restaurant and came back in with two police officers a few minutes later. The police officers said come outside. I said I’m waiting to pay. I’m standing in line not saying a word to anyone. What did I do wrong?

The police officer again said some outside. I said, I already started eating the sandwich, I have to pay for it. Plus I’m standing here minding my own business. Not saying a word to anyone. What’s the issue?

The police officer said, I’m recording you. I said, OK, I’m not doing anything wrong and I don’t have a criminal record.

The cops finally agreed to let me pay. I paid and went outside with the two police officers.

We had a quck conversation and that was it.

I suspect the whole thing was a usual set up by New York City law enforcement. The person who said he worked at the restaurant probably is connected with my college, The City University of New York, or the gym I go to or something like that.

The police run scams on me like this every day.

If you have an emergency call 911. This is my opinion. Verify everything yourself.

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