A thank you email I sent to my gym.



X Gym is hands down the number one gym in the city.

Today I called the gym so I could pay a few months in advance. I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know that the customer service is a ten out of ten. The individual at the front desk could not have been friendlier, quickly charged my card for the exact amount I requested, and sent me an email receipt for my records.

One more thing. Tonight I showed up at another club and there was some drama happening at the front desk. Your team is amazing. There were customers who appeared to be complaining although I could be wrong because I always mind my business.

The customers were blocking the entrance so instead of trying to squeeze through, I simply left and told the people at the front desk I’ll be back in a half-hour.

I’m a very patient person. Also, I have a never-ending amount of schoolwork so I’m a few blocks away typing this note and working on essays. I always bring my A-game to all situations and treat all X Gyms, the team, and customers; with the utmost respect without exception.

X Gym is an exceptional company and I appreciate the service.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

Email to Chase Bank about a disputed transaction against the MTA.



The other day I disputed a charge against the MTA for $34. This is what happened. I bought a MetroCard for $34. I was taking a cross-town bus on West 86th Street on the Upper West Side in New York City. I dipped the MetroCard at the front of the bus to pay and it made a weird noise. I had a feeling the card might not work anymore after that because it’s happened before. I pay for a ride on the bus and the machine that scans the MetroCards destroys the card. 

I went to a person who works at one of the subway stations and they said I have to mail the MetroCard somewhere. I said that is a ridiculous policy. I’m not blaming the person who works at the subway station, I’m blaming the MTA. 

If they see I have an active MetroCard that is damaged they should be able to transfer the balance to a new MetroCard. That is what I believe any private corporation would do if they wanted to satisfy customers. 

If someone is on a fixed budget, like myself, how are they going to buy another MetroCard while they are waiting for the MTA to receive the card in the mail? I said to myself I’m not mailing it. I threw the MetroCard in the garbage and called Chase Bank to dispute the transaction against the MTA. 

When a customer visits the person working at a subway station with a damaged MetroCard, the MTA should transfer the balance to a new card. It’s totally unreasonable to expect people to wait for the card to be mailed in my opinion. 

Date of dispute: Oct 27, 2020


10/25 ClaimId: 934587123360001 

Stop by Murray Hill in New York City and watch New York law enforcement and their civilian team of children, women, and men harass me.


I’m outside in the street on East 38th Street between 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue in Murray Hill, New York City. New York law enforcement and their civilian team of women and men are here.

They think they are too smart and too sneaky for anyone to notice them. Stop by and watch them harass me if you’re not busy today. I will continue to update my location throughout the day.

New York law enforcement and their civilian team will be harassing me the entire day if you would like to watch. Remember, they think they are too smart and too sneaky for anyone to notice them.

Don’t put your hands on any of the precious civilian lie and scam team members, New York law enforcement will arrest you. They are allowed to sabotage and harass us. We just have to take it as per the US government’s orders.

Google the word cointelpro if you want to learn more about how the US government spends billions of dollars to hold us all down.

Email to my gym about people ripping the ties off the lockers.


Greetings Gym,

As I always say, I love the gym.

I tell everyone I know that it’s amazing.

I wanted to include that I believe the gym and your staff at the locations are doing a phenomenal job under the circumstances.

I can’t imagine how much goes into running each one of the gyms. 

I wanted to send a follow-up email regarding the lockers.

Some of the members are definitely ripping off a few of the plastic ties from the lockers.

It makes it difficult to know which lockers are for use and which aren’t. 

I wanted to go on the record that I’d never rip a tie off a locker.

If I ever show up to any of your locations and all the lockers are full, I’ll just come back later or visit another location. 

I plan on being a member of the gym for years to come.

I would not jeopardize my relationship with the gym or anyone for that matter.

I’m never leaving New York, I’m going to be here forever. 

Thank you again for running a stellar gym in New York City. 

Have a great day. 

Ever upward,

Mark Pine