The Central Park Tower condo in New York City.

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YouTube video from CNBC about the condo Central Park Tower.

Central Park Tower is located on West 57th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue in New York City. If you would like to view the location on Google Maps you can click the link (Central Park Tower on Google Maps). You can visit the website for Central Park Tower by clicking the following link (Central Park Tower website). The developer is Extell development company. They have developed several condos in New York City. For example, One57, One Manhattan Square and The Kent (Extell website portfolio page). 

According to Extell’s website, the building will rise 1,550 feet and contain 179 homes. I see that Central Park Tower has condos listed for sale right now. If you are interested in viewing the pricing you can visit the availability page on the Central Park Tower website (Central Park Tower availability). I always think big so I’m dreaming about the full-floor condo they have listed for $63,750,000. There are smaller units listed for less money. I like the privacy of a full-floor. You get off the elevator and you don’t see anyone. At the base of the building, there is a 320,000 square-foot Nordstrom. 

I believe in focusing on things I desire, regardless if I have the money or not. I want a luxury condo in New York City. Actually, I’d like multiple luxury condos in New York City. I would also like to have a positive impact on society and would enjoy being comfortable while I do it. That is why I have decided to create blog posts about various residential condos in New York City. 

YouTube video from Extell about Central Park Tower in New York City.

I believe this is the tallest residential condo in New York City. Does that make it a target for attack? I have no idea. I will say, the views look like they are going to be delicious. When I invest millions of dollars into a condo one day I want open views. I don’t want to be on the 40th floor of a building staring into someone’s window. What I like about Central Park Tower is the location and that unless they build something else this tall nearby, several of the floors are going to have open views. What is the exact definition of open views? I have absolutely no idea. Meaning how far are the views open until another building pops up in front of your windows.  

Now before everyone starts the class action lawsuit. Do your own research if you are thinking about buying in this condo. I have seen so many people buy condos throughout the years and they start out with open views. Then a few years later or so, new buildings go up and block some or all of the views. It must be horrible for those rich people. I’m sure everyone is going to lose years of sleep over it. The value of the unit might go down and the millionaire condo owner has to stare into the new hot building they wish they had a unit in. I have no idea how long the open views will last in this building or any other building. Talk with your real estate broker, talk with your attorney, talk with whoever. I’m just an innocent blogger and vlogger entertaining you.  

YouTube video from The Real Deal about Central Park Tower.

I used to be a real estate broker. My license has expired, so now I’m not a real estate broker. Regardless, real estate is a huge part of New York City so it’s fabulous to blog about. I’ve included the direct contact to the developer in the post. I’ve also included three YouTube videos. The videos are from Extell, CNBC Television and The Real Deal. Check back for new posts about more condos in New York City. 

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