Opinion: The operators that pick up the phone for NYPD 911 are still harassing me and running scams on the phone. July 18, 2023. 2 AM.



I’ll give it to the people that answer the phones for NYPD 911 and the people that run NYPD 911. 

They are harassing me and running scams on a recorded law enforcement phone line without a care in the world about getting in trouble.

If/when people hear the calls one day, they are going to be shocked at how the NYPD pays people to run scams on the NYPD 911 line. 

I’ve called NYPD 911 hundreds of times for the past few hours, and it’s the same people picking up the phone over and over harassing me. 

They seem to be enjoying themselves. 

I wonder how much money someone earns to harass people on the phone for the NYPD and New York City law enforcement. 

I told the NYPD 911 operators that harass me on the phone that I reported them to dozens of law enforcement and government agencies. 

They laughed at me and continued harassing me on the phone. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine 

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Mark Pine

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