Opinion: Law enforcement is back running mail scams on me on July 7, 2023. 



Law enforcement is spending millions of dollars trying to get me kicked out of every place I go. 

For example, Baruch College, gym, supermarkets, stores, storage, etc. 

People I know pay law enforcement to harass me. 

The civilians I know that pay law enforcement and their law enforcement crime partners have been breaking the law for decades and don’t have the slightest concern about getting caught. 

If anyone that works for the government has a problem with law enforcement robbing, stealing, and harassing people—I suspect law enforcement will have the person fired, run the person over, let someone out of prison to kill the person, or murder the person and say they killed themself. 

If anyone runs a simple web search, you will see that New York City law enforcement murders people.




In my opinion, there are plenty of murders the NYPD, not the above group, got away with. 

I would like to share the murders that I suspect New York City law enforcement got away with here, although I don’t feel like being sued for millions of dollars. 

Free speech is very expensive. 

Law enforcement already sabotaged my web marketing services, so I don’t have the money to fight defamation lawsuits. 

Law enforcement had 10 people, 1 after the next harassing me at the gym today. 

I just ignored them all. 

Then I go to pick up my mail, and I’m going to carefully explain what happened. 

I ordered 4 hats from the web. 

I have a corporate address where I have mail delivered. 

The New York City welfare office pays for the place where I have my mail delivered. 

The place where I have my mail delivered is great. 

I love them.

I have no issue with them. 

The place that HRA (NYC welfare office) pays for signs for my mail, the 4 hats. 

Today I showed up to pick up the hats, and they had 3 of the 4 hats I ordered. 

The place where I ordered the hats from was showing that all 4 hats were delivered. 

If I’m homeless and on welfare, where did I get the money to order 4 hats?

I got the money from student loans. 

I’m a journalism major/BLS minor at Baruch College at The City University of New York. 

I receive thousands of dollars in student loan refunds every semester. 

Back to the situation. 

I show up at the place that signs for my mail, and 1 of the hats is missing. 

The place that delivers the mail says the hat was delivered. 

The place that signs for the mail says the hat isn’t there. 

Law enforcement has run versions of this scam on me dozens of times. 

I told the place that signs for my mail it’s no big deal. 

If the hat turns up great.

If not, it’s OK. 

Things happen. 

I called the company where I bought the hats and said is there anything they can do? 

They said no because the hat was showing as delivered.

I said, OK. 

Thank you anyway. 

Then I contacted the package delivery company and filed a claim. 

I suspect that law enforcement stole the hat or law enforcement is hiding the hat. 

Why would law enforcement steal or hide the hat? 

Law enforcement stole or is hiding the hat to get me kicked out of the place where I have my mail delivered because law enforcement is spending millions of taxpayer dollars to try and get me kicked out of every place I go. 

Law enforcement is also trying to get me banned from the place where I buy the hats. ‘

Law enforcement would love to use the stolen hat as a way of lying and saying that Mark Pine was being disrespectful because he hat was lost.

I’m going on the record right now. 

I was polite to the office that signed for my hats after they told me the hat was lost. 

I was polite to the company that I bought the hat from after they said there is nothing they can do to help me. 

I will be polite to the mail shipment company where I filed a claim for the lost hat.

I’m not mentioning law enforcement robbing me to any of the parties besides the mail shipping company.

Regardless if a $400 coat was lost, I would never be disrespectful to the place that signs for my mail, the company I buy the clothes from, and the shipping company. 

If anyone knows someone that works for the government that law enforcement hasn’t fired or murdered or anyone that can stop law enforcement from robbing me, harassing me, and running scams on me, please let me know. 

Thank you and have a great day.

Mark Pine

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Mark Pine

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