Opinion: Law enforcement has civilian women and men in plain clothes harassing me in New York City.



People I know pay law enforcement to harass me. 

Law enforcement has civilian women and men in regular clothes running around harassing me constantly. 

Law enforcement doesn’t have any oversight, so I’m doing my best to document the situation. 

When I call NYPD 911, the people that pick up the phone harass me. 

I’m sitting on the steps right now in front of a building. 

It’s Friday morning. 

A minute or two after I sit down, a woman in regular clothes that runs scams for law enforcement sits down on a rock in front of me. 

Then a minute or two after that, on cue, a man with a dog in regular clothes walks directly in front of me.

The man with they dog is between the woman and me.

The dog starts going to the bathroom. 

I start video recording the person having their dog go to the bathroom right in front of me because law enforcement always does that to me. 

The man runs away. 

Law enforcement has people recording me holding my phone in the direction of the woman who is now the only person there. 

That is what New York City law enforcement is up to when they aren’t keeping New York City safe.  

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine 

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Mark Pine

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