Opinion: The NYPD 911 operators are harassing me on the phone. My number is 917 815 5415.


Greetings NYPD Internal Affairs,

Please listen to some of the NYPD 911 calls from my phone number, 917 815 5415, when you’re available. 

When I call NYPD 911 from my phone, the NYPD 911 operators pretend they are sleeping, they whisper, they yell for a few seconds and hang up, they say the police are on their way without asking for an address and hang up, and many more scams. 

I told the NYPD 911 operators I’m reporting them to several government agencies, and they don’t care. 

The NYPD 911 operators aren’t concerned about any government oversight.

I said aren’t all the NYPD 911 calls recorded?

The NYPD 911 operators said they don’t know or didn’t respond and weren’t the slightest bit concerned. 

I don’t know where the NYPD is forwarding my NYPD 911 calls.

All I know is that it’s lawless. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine 

Opinion: New York City law enforcement and the NYPD have New Jersey 911 picking up NYPD 911 to try and set me up.


Sometimes I go to New Jersey for the day to work on my laptop.

People I know pay New York City law enforcement and other law enforcement to viciously harass me.

Law enforcement has women and men in regular clothes crash into me, cut me off, shove their phones in my face, blow drug smoke in my face, rob me, vandalize my property, and much more.

They don’t have the slightest concern about getting caught or any oversight.

I was robbed in Manhattan at least four times in the past two months.

I have police reports from the NYPD for two of the robberies.

I have called NYPD 911 and the FBI tens of thousands of times from my phone 917 815 5415.

I’m never calling 911 from outside of New York City again.

I’m never calling the police from outside New York City again.

I suspect that New York City law enforcement has people that work for New Jersey 911 picking up NYPD 911 to try and set me up.

When I call NYPD 911 the women and men that pick up the phone harass me.

I think New York City law enforcement and New Jersey law enforcement want to get audio of me arguing with women and men that work for New Jersey 911.

Then when I’m taking a nap in New Jersey, law enforcement will take my phone and call 911.

If anyone doesn’t believe that this type of thing goes on search the web for things NYPD police officers have been arrested for recently. Murder, drug dealing, domestic violence, child abuse, and much more.

In my opinion, that’s not even one percent of the crime that is actually taking place.

It’s that bad.

It’s worse than you think.

I don’t have a criminal record at 46.

I don’t do anything illegal.

I’m never calling 911 or the Police from outside of New York City ever again.

The NYPD also has students and staff from Baruch College CUNY pick up NYPD 911 and try to start arguments with me on the phone.

There have been times that I called NYPD 911 from inside of New York City and the call forwarded to New Jersey 911.

The people that picked up the phone for New Jersey 911 asked if I wanted them to forward my call to NYPD 911.

They did that so my phone records would show a long phone call with New Jersey 911.

This note is dedicated to all the innocent people locked up all over the world.

I hope one day you trade places with all the crooked cops.

Mark Pine