Opinion: NYC law enforcment uses mental health as a weapon.


Disclaimers: I’m not a doctor. This is my opinion. If you have an emergency call 911. Verify everything yourself.

People I know pay New York City law enforcement to torture me.

NYC law enforcement has a huge plain clothes team that they use to try and pick fights with me, attack me, tease me, and harass me every day. They are as annoying as it gets.

NYC law enforcement’s scam team has broken my ribs, they broke my sholder, they spit in my face, they have their dogs go to the bathroom right next to me anytime I’m sitting in public, etc.

I’m smart enought to know to ignore them. In my opinion, if the police send people to pick fights with you and you react, your going to be arrested.

When I report the police of course they want to attack my mental health.

I was arrested in Nassau County Long Island and charged with a misdemeanor. In my opinion, my public defender was purposly trying to sabotage my case.

The public defender kept recomending a mental health evaluation. I’m sure the majority of doctors would say no if NYC law enforcment asked them to sabotage an innocent person.

Would you, the reader, tell the police no if they asked you to sabotage an innocent person?

What I don’t believe is that the doctor giving the mental health evaluation would be fair. It would have been a doctor that is friends with the police.

I have had several members of NYC law enforcement tease me when I report them. Sometimes they will pick up the phone and say “Bellevue Hospital.”

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