Email to the Nassau County District Attorney about security video at stores.

Greetings Nassau County District Attorney,

Case number: 2020CR364503

There were several reasons that I was calling Nassau County 911 and Nassau County Police Headquarters. I’m only going to focus on one of the reasons in this email. 

People I know pay the NYPD and Nassau County Police to viciously harass me. They are still harassing me today. 

One of the main reasons I was calling the Nassau County Police was to report that the Nassau County Police has their civilian scam team follow me into supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores, and harass me.  

They physically attack me, they try and pick fights with me, they try and start arguments with me, they cut me off, crash into me, shove their phones in my face, and do anything they can to upset me. 

The Nassau County Police Department said I was calling them for no reason. I have rock-sold evidence to prove that is not true. I had several legitimate reasons for calling them. 

My next court date is near the end of March. I was arrested last year. There is no way that the Nassau County Police could have investigated people following me into stores and harassing me because they didn’t have my bank records. Without my bank records, there is no way to know what store I was at and at what time. 

The reason I’m contacting you is that I don’t know how long the stores are going to hold on to their security video. It could be one month or a few months. Hopefully, it’s a year. The longer we wait, the more evidence is going to disappear. 

How can anyone prove anything if the evidence is gone? One thing that is proved either way is that the Nassau County Police arrested me for calling for no reason and never investigated anything. They also verbally attacked me on the phone and are now trying to make the calls disappear by underreporting the number of times I called them. 

I had a 3.975 GPA at LaGuardia Community College while this was all going on between the Nassau County Police and myself. When someone is going for a GPA like that, there is always something to be doing for school. Why would I have possibly been spending that amount of time calling the police if nothing was going on and I’m asking them to look at security videos at stores? 

If we get access to the security video at stores I visited in Nassau County we can obtain footage of several additional instances just like the one above. They are still doing it to me today. 

This is only one of the reasons I was calling. I’m saving the rest because I’m waiting to hear from the court if I can represent myself.

I sent you my bank records already. Please let me know if there is any way we can request the security video at stores so we can obtain the footage of Nassau County Police’s civilian team repeatedly following me into stores and harassing me. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward, 

Mark Pine

By Mark Pine

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