Email to the Nassau County District Attorney about my phone records.


Greetings Nassau County District Attorney, 

I submitted 8 PDFS from T Mobile with my phone records to my Nassau County Legal Aid attorney. I would be happy to share my T Mobile phone records with you directly or you can obtain them from my attorney. 

Respectfully, I would like copies of all the call recordings to be used as evidence in my case. I called many more times than the Nassau County Police Department is claiming. 

The Nassau County Police and their team acted extremely unprofessionally on several calls. The citizens of Nassau County will be horrified when they hear the Nassau County Police Headquarters switchboard operators in action. 

I probably called over 1,000 times. That includes calls to the Nassau County Police Department, Nassau County 911, Nassau County Internal Affairs, and a few calls to the precincts.

I also called the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office and the Nassau County Executives Office to report that rich people I know are paying the police to harass me. 

There is one call to the Nassau County Police 4th Precinct that is beyond unprofessional. A police officer picked up the phone and threatened me. I said I’m writing down the time and date of this call, I hope it’s being recorded. The officer immediately hung up. 

1,000 calls might sound like a lot. It doesn’t seem like a lot when New York law enforcement is maliciously harassing me. 

Five days before my arrest officers from the NCPD 6th Precinct stopped me in Great Neck and told me to stop calling Nassau County 911. That was the last time I called. I also stopped calling Nassau County Police Headquarters at that time.

The Nassau County Police Department is claiming that I called them from two phones when I only have one phone. 

One of New York law enforcement’s signature scams is to have civilians who work for them ferociously pick fights with people. 

When the person they are trying to set up reacts, namely me in this circumstance, the person is immediately arrested. Then all the evidence is destroyed that doesn’t back up the police’s narrative. Exactly what they are trying to do in this case. 

When the Nassau County Police Department and their civilian team brutally harass me, I call and report it. That’s the only reaction they get out of me. The individuals at Nassau County Police Headquarters pick up the phone and insult me, threaten me, and hang up. I’ll call back a few times just so it’s documented.

Needless to say, the Nassau County Police Department and their civilian lie and scam team are still harassing me when I’m in Nassau County. I just take it because obviously, I can’t call anymore. 

I would like to file a police report that people I know pay New York law enforcement including the NCPD to harass people including myself. I was denied reports by the NCPD 2nd and 4th Precinct. 

People I know also pay New York law enforcement to allow them to commit felonies. I have rock-solid evidence of that. 

I suspect the Nassau County Police Department is not submitting the calls where they are verbally attacking and threatening me on the phone. Hopefully, the court doesn’t allow that. 

I also submitted my college transcript from The City University of New York to my Nassau County Legal Aid Attorney. I have a 3.975 GPA after 36 credits and I’m on the Dean’s List. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward,

Mark Pine 

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