Email to my storage place about the police using young girls to try and set me up.


Greetings X Storage,

First and foremost I treat everyone at X Storage with the utmost respect at all times. That includes staff and customers. I keep to myself, but if I see a staff member I say hi, tell them they are doing a great job, and I left them a five-star review on Google Maps.

I love X Storage.

Tonight is the second night in a row that the same person was in the hallway right before the elevator. The person has every right to be there.

I just wanted to mention that the person I think is a young girl or woman. I didn’t look too closely in her direction but I heard her voice because she tried to start a conversation with me. I ignored her.

I immediately turned on the voice recorder on my phone just in case she continued to speak to me. I also walked directly in front of the camera, far away from her, so while I was waiting I was in clear view of the camera.

The reason I ignored her is that rich people I grew up with paid former NYPD private detectives to have young girls try to hook up with me to get me locked up. I didn’t fall for it.

I’m not saying this girl/woman has anything to do with that, I’m just keeping my distance as a precaution as I would any man or woman.

I have no criminal record. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t do anything illegal. I’m a full-time student at The City University of New York.

I got the feeling the girl or woman was sort of hanging around waiting for me to do the squeeze by in the narrow hallway. I didn’t do the squeeze by with her. I patiently waited for her to go and I didn’t say a word.

I’m not saying a word about this to anyone at the location. I’m not saying a word about this to anyone. I’m just mentioning here that anytime I show up and this woman is in the hallway by the elevator, I will patiently wait and I’m not saying a word to her. I don’t care if she is there for thirty minutes every time I show up, I’m not saying a word. I’m also not going anywhere near her.

As I said she has every right to be there. I’m just going on the record that I’m not at X Storage for networking or meeting anyone new. After what the NYPD has put me through I wouldn’t go out with a woman if she transferred a million dollars into my Chase Bank account.

The police still harass me constantly and I’m in the process of suing them. That is not to say that I have a problem with all police. I just called NYPD 911 a few hours ago because of a situation and I was as friendly as could be with them and vice versa.

If this girl or woman was connected with the police she would start popping up at other locations I’m at around the city. Or she would constantly be showing up at the same time as me. Either before or at the same time so it appears that “he’s following her.”

Of course, the esteemed members of New York law enforcement would never do that.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

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