I was arrested by the Nassau County Police for reporting crimes.


Greetings New York State Comptroller, Nassau County Executive, Nassau County Comptroller, and Nassau County District Attorney,

I don’t have time to write up the whole situation because I’m a full-time student at The City University of New York. Moreover, New York law enforcement and their civilian team viciously harass me every day, including today. 

I grew up with rich people in New York who pay New York law enforcement to terrorize people. They have been doing it for decades. It’s standard procedure. 

Just in case anyone reading this doesn’t believe this goes on, New York law enforcement members have recently been apprehended for murder, rape, domestic violence, child abuse, drug dealing, etc. Some of the crimes are beyond apprehension. I don’t feel comfortable typing them. 

One officer, Named Richard Furboter from the Nassau County Police Department, was arrested for exposing himself to one or more residents of Nassau County. His crimes were committed while he was an active member of the Nassau County Police Department. 

Somehow he managed to get arrested. He quickly retired and now he is collecting a full pension in the comfort of his own home. I would love to know what charge or charges he ended up with on his record. Is he a registered sex offender? 

I spend the majority of my time in New York City. Sometimes I visit Nassau County to study because more places are open.

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t have a criminal record. 

I’m a full-time student at LaGuardia Community College. Next semester I will be attending Baruch College as a journalism major. 

I have not missed one class in a year and a half at school. My GPA is 4.0 after one year, with the police harassing me constantly. 

The reason I’m contacting everyone is that I was recently arrested in Nassau County. 

I was arrested for arguing on the phone and reporting crimes against me to Nassau County Police headquarters and Nassau County 911. No threats were made. 

There are several calls that I’m confident members of the Nassau County Police Department and anyone who works for the Nassau County government would not be proud of. Of course, there are calls that I would not be proud of either. With that being said, no threats were made by me. 

I also called Nassau County Police Precincts to alert them that I was going to stop by for a police report, and they threatened me over the phone. I can get the exact dates and times from my T Mobile phone records. 

New York law enforcement had girls and women try to hook up with me to set me up. I didn’t fall for it. 

It’s the same exact thing as women hiring a private detective to have females bust their husband’s cheating. People I know pay the same exact “former” law enforcement to have women say men acted improperly. 

Additionally, they have civilian women and men who work for them try and pick fights with me while the Nassau County Police supervise. The NYPD does the same thing. 

When they start to hammer away at me I just pick up the phone and call 911 or any other law enforcement that I think of. I report what’s going on to cover myself, knowing I’m not getting any help. The people who pick up the government phones usually try to pick fights with me on the phone to divert the attention away from why I’m calling. 

About five days before I was arrested police officers from the Nassau County Police 6th Precinct stopped me in Great Neck. They told me to stop calling Nassau County Police headquarters and stop calling Nassau County 911. 

I have not called either number since that day. I was polite to the officers. I video recorded the whole encounter. 

Five or six days later I was arrested at the Jericho Public Library while I was studying for school. I didn’t resist arrest and I wasn’t disrespectful. 

I emailed the Nassau County District attorney and Nassau County Legal Aid that I want to put this matter behind me. I’m not an attorney. In my humble opinion, I’m willing to accept a violation. No jail time. No probation. I think that is fair.

If it has to go to trial I’m going to opt for a judge trial. Not a jury trial. If people who work for the courts or government want to drop the whole case, obviously I accept that. 

Before I was arrested I called the Nassau County Executive, Nassau County Police Internal Affairs, the Nassau County District Attorney, and others to report I’m being harassed by the police. Furthermore, I believe that some of the crimes that took place against me were captured on retail store’s video cameras. No one investigated. 

A few months ago I filed paperwork with the Nassau County Attorney to sue the Nassau County Police. The paperwork was rejected. I was/am in the process of refiling. 

I was approved by the New York City Comptroller’s office to sue the NYPD. I had a deposition and was given documentation. I haven’t filed the suit because I’m too busy with school and being harassed. 

I was arrested by the Nassau County Police 2nd Precinct. When they arrested me they tried to trick me into signing a statement. I didn’t fall for it. They also locked me to a wall in a room by myself and blasted music for hours. I don’t think that is allowed. I think people should be on video the whole time they are in custody. 

This is the complaint that Nassau County legal aid gave me:


There is a lot more but I don’t have time because I’m studying for finals. I will continue to treat everyone at the Nassau County Courts, Nassau County District Attorney, Nassau County Attorney, etc. respectfully. I’m not trying to make a bad circumstance worse. 

It’s tough because my civilian enemies have been paying New York law enforcement for decades. They have worked their way high up the food chain. 

Please provide any feedback you deem appropriate. 

Thank you for your consideration and have a great day. 

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

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