New York law enforcement has its civilian team harassing me at the gym and everywhere else.


Wealthy individuals, I know from New York pay federal and state law enforcement to torture people including me. My website, social media, and book are filled with thousands of posts about it. No matter how anyone treats me, I act respectfully at all times. I’m not trying to make a bad situation worse. 

New York law enforcement will have a dozen or more members of their civilian team follow me into the gym at any given time. I never mention a word about it to the staff at the gym. I never acknowledge any of the civilian lie and scam team members. I’m not naming the gym and they have no involvement in the harassment. 

The following are the methods New York law enforcement’s civilian hate team use to harass me at the gym:

  1. They wait for me by doors and cut me off constantly. Anytime there is an area with low visibility, they will wait there are then cut me off and try to make it seem like there was a close call of some sort. They are the biggest liars and yes, they are that petty and then some. 
  2. They have girls play made you look with me. They run in front of me and try to get me to look at them. I wouldn’t hook up with a woman if you paid me a million dollars after what the FBI and NYPD have put me through. Eventually, I might date again, but at this moment I would not even consider it. New York law enforcement has had teenage girls and women in their twenties and thirties throwing themselves at me for years trying to set me up. New York law enforcement sets up women too, this is just one scam they use to sabotage men. I suspect they have men who will date a woman to set her up and then have the guy tamper with her food and things of that nature. 
  3. I travel with about 30 or 40 disposable masks in a bag inside my backpack. I buy the masks inexpensively on the internet. I always wear a mask. Additionally, I give people the right of way and maintain the proper amount of space at all times. I’m confident New York law enforcement would like to make up a few lies that there is something else going on. 
  4. I never talk on the phone at the gym. I never socialize with anyone. I keep to myself at all times. I’m a friendly person although, with everything I’m going through with New York law enforcement torturing me, I believe it’s best to keep to myself at college, the gym, etc. 

If you’re a normal productive person this information might be difficult to digest. There are sworn members of law enforcement who are being directed to ruin innocent people’s lives for various reasons. They tamper with food at restaurants and supermarkets, and a lot worse. The United States government has employees who commit dozens or hundreds of felonies per day. My goal is to bring awareness to situations so we can try to improve the situation. 

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Mark Pine

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