Cash register scams at the USPS courtesy of New York law enforcement.


I have federal, state, and city government employees harassing me in symphony. This is a polite and respectful email I just sent to the USPS about New York law enforcement ordering their team members to run scams on me.


I treat everyone with the utmost respect and I mind my business. Rich people I know pay the top law enforcement in New York to harass me, sabotage me, and try to set me up. 

Tonight at around 8 PM, October 19, 2020, I was at the USPS post office at 450 Lexington Avenue in New York City. I was patiently waiting in line reading a New York Times article for a homework assignment. 

The person working at register 12 called me up. The last customer before me was standing directly in front of the person and the customer still hadn’t moved. I said where do you want me to go? The customer is still there. 

The USPS team member said either you come here now or I’m calling the next customer. The person behind me started angling to go past me. Again I said where am I supposed to stand? Am I supposed to stand directly next to the other customer? 

Finally, the customer moved a few feet. I asked the USPS team member why does the USPS staff keep calling me up to the counter when the last customer hasn’t moved yet? This has happened at least 5 times. If I’m not rushing why is anyone else? Especially with everything happening right now. 

Another USPS team member walked over and said she will take over. I said why do I have to switch lines? I was merely pointing out that I didn’t feel comfortable standing one foot away from other customers. 

While this is going on a man who was with the woman in front of me starts trying to verbally pick a fight with me. I 100% ignored him. I didn’t look in his direction. I didn’t respond at all. 

The whole situation was recorded on the security cameras. The only thing I’m willing to bet that isn’t on video is the USPS team member calling me up to the counter with the other customer still standing there. 

I said I would like to make a complaint. A member of the postal police walked over. We had a few minute conversation and he said make the complaint online. A few members of the NYPD showed up while this was going on. They said they were there for another call. 

New York law enforcement orders cashiers all over New York to call me up before the customer before me walks away to try and get me in trouble. They have done it to me hundreds of times. 

I have no issue with anyone at the post office. I love the service. I will continue to treat all the USPS team members with the utmost respect at all times. 

Can you please ask the staff to stop calling me up to the counter before the last customer moves? We are supposed to be keeping a distance. 

I don’t blame your staff. I know that New York law enforcement is forcing them to do it. New York law enforcement runs around and sabotages me at CUNY, HRA, USPS, and several additional places. I don’t take it personally. I just patiently wait until they are done harassing me and slowing me down, when it’s done I handle my business and move on. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward, 

Mark Pine

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