Opinion: Polite and respectful email to the Baruch College Dean about the summer requirements for students receiving public assistance.


Greetings Dean, 

CUNY Edge is great. 

CUNY Edge has helped me a lot. 

I always treat eveyone at CUNY Edge with the utmost respect at all times no matter what. 

I’m unsure if summer classes are required for students on public assistance.  

I don’t want to lose my public assistance benefits from the Human Resources Administration (HRA). 

I asked CUNY Edge if HRA is requiring public assistance students to take summer classes.

CUNY Edge said they don’t know.

CUNY Edge said to contact HRA on East 16th St in NYC. 

I have asked HRA 16th St many times about summer classes and they said they don’t know. 

I will contact them again and I’ll also send HRA a respectful email about it. 

My question to you is, who else can I contact to find out if Baruch College or CUNY students receiving public assistance are required to take summer 2023 classes?

I’m thinking other CUNY Edge offices at other CUNY schools may know.

Of course I’m not going to contact other CUNY Edge offices without your permission.

Please advise if possible.

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine 

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Mark Pine

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