Opinion: Email to Baruch College about the police harassing me. June 11, 2022.


Greetings Baruch College,

I have the best schedule for Summer 1, Summer 2, and Fall 2022. I love all my classes. 

I just wanted to reiterate that I’m not mentioning a word about the police harassing me every day including today to anyone at Baruch College besides occasionally you here via email. You told me that is the protocol and I’m following it as always. 

I just wanted to thank you again if you helped me with X class. I’m not sure who helped me. It could have been either you or the Department Chair or both. All I know is that after I contacted you both things in that class became very normal. 

I just had two court cases that involved the NYPD. I’m about to have one more. 

The police are harassing me every day as they have been since before I started at LaGuardia Community College. 

I dealt with it then and I’m dealing with it now. 

I don’t have any desire to discuss the police harassing me every day in any of my classes. 

I don’t have any desire to discuss the police harassing me or anything negative at all with any of my professors. 

In my humble opinion, I just exposed the police twice in two court cases worse than they could ever imagine. The third case is already moving forward and this is going to be the best one. 

The police know that a lot of people are starting to find out that they are harassing me every day and it’s only a matter of time before I get some help. 

Me “winning” includes succeeding at Baruch College. 

I have never had any desire to discuss the police harassing me with anyone at Baruch College. 

I don’t care if the police attack me again on my way to Baruch College, I have never and will never mention a word about the police harassing me to anyone at Baruch College. 

I’m reaching thousands of people on social media and the web trying to get help. 

I’m focused on trying to expose the police harassing me in court and on social media where I can ultimately reach millions of people. 

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I don’t date. I don’t hang around bars or clubs. I live squeaky clean. 

The police arrested me once and I won the case. In my opinion, they aren’t going to keep arresting me and having me win cases against them. I’m not a lawyer so who knows.

The NYPD’s strategy with me now is to get me kicked out of places I go in the city. For example, HRA, supermarkets, gym, Baruch College, etc. 

That is why I’m walking on eggshells, tip-toeing around making sure I follow all rules everywhere I go. 

I know if I continue to take the daily abuse from the police and stay on the course I’m on, eventually, I’ll get my life back. 

All I need from Baruch College is an education. There is nothing anyone at Baruch College can do to help me with the police harassing me. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Mark Pine 

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Mark Pine

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