Opinion: NYC should change the private park in Gramercy into a building run by CUNY where New Yorkers can learn computer skills.


There is a huge private park located in Gramercy, Manhattan, New York City. In my opinion, the park is a great opportunity to create a huge brand new building run by CUNY. 

I’m a student at Baruch College CUNY. That’s how I created the idea. I don’t care about credit. I want to help people.

This is the Wikipedia page for Gramercy Park: Gramercy Park – Wikipedia

The building can be a place where New Yorkers can learn computer skills. 

  1. There might be large technology companies that might donate money towards the development of the building. 
  2. The building, if run by CUNY, can be a great place for people not only to learn computer skills but also become acclimated with the outstanding offerings of CUNY. 
  3. Large technology companies might allow some of their employees to teach computer skills at the building. 
  4. Large technology companies might help with the lessons offered so they can eventually hire some of the individuals who work hard to learn new computer skills. 

This could potentially be an opportunity for thousands of individuals to lift themselves out of poverty. Everything is going digital. 

The building I envision will be close to public transportation. It’s also conveniently near many huge technology companies. 

I can envision students going to the building after school and on weekends. I can envision people who might have lost their jobs or want a higher-paying job going to the building to learn new computer skills. 

The space is so big, they might be able to build two buildings. One for adults and one for children. 

Think about how much parents would love for their children to be able to go somewhere run by CUNY and learn valuable computer skills. 

Speaking of CUNY I have to get back to my homework. 

What would have a better impact on New York City? A huge empty private park or buildings where thousands of people can learn computer skills.

We need to step up the opportunities for New Yorkers. 

Thank you for reading. 

Have a great day. 

Ever upward,

Mark Pine 

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