Opinion: Email to Baruch College about my probation appeal and NYC law enforcement trying to have me removed from school. November 5, 2021.


Greetings Baruch College,

I’m at school studying for my classes. I just returned from the post office on 23 Street. I sent X the exact same PDF that I sent to you. 

As far as I’m concerned the probation appeal process is over. From now until the end of the semester I will continue to walk on eggshells like I always do. 

Today I was walking into the Baruch College verticle building at about 8 AM. My Baruch College ID wasn’t working and the security guards let me in.

For anyone that isn’t even something worth mentioning. For me, I have to watch every interaction very carefully. The reason is that NYC law enforcement has been harassing me and sabotaging me worse than ever. 

When my student ID didn’t work, I said to myself this is all I need. If one of the security guards says I was rude, I’m gone. And of course, it was a coincidence that my card wasn’t working. Of course, that would never happen here. I’m just saying that’s how my mind works. 

Even with all this, I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t vape, etc. The abuse I take from NYC law enforcement is intense. I have been to the emergency room of the hospital several times this semester from NYC law enforcement harassing me. I don’t need therapy, I need an apartment, money, and law firms. 

I never mention any of this to anyone at CUNY. I don’t even like mentioning it to you but I feel like every so often its good to cover myself because NYC law enforcement is so good at running scams and sabotaging people including me. It’s a miracle they haven’t figured out a way to get me kicked out of CUNY.

I know NYC law enforcement is drooling that I’m on probation. 
They almost got rid of me last semester when they arrested me. I beat the case and got a 4.0 GPA with 12 credits. They have been harassing me every day since I had the charge dropped down to a violation. 

That’s why when I contact hundreds of government agencies nationwide to get help from NYC law enforcement harassing me I don’t blame them for turning their heads the other way and pretending I don’t exist. NYC law enforcement doesn’t play around. When they want something it’s not up for negotiation. 

Thank you again for helping me with the appeal process. 
In regards to school, I’m so far ahead of the game this semester that it feels great. I’m literally studying for Spring 2022 classes today. I’m about to buy one of the textbooks for next semester next week and I have a few sample pages of it already. Instead of wasting my time watching celebrity interviews like I usually do in my spare time, I’m going to study math and Spanish. 

I’m also going to start to document via video how I live in the subway in an effort to raise awareness and try and get help from the general public. I have a place to shower and keep clean clothes. Cold nights I live on subway platforms. I have never been more confident that I’m going to get back into an apartment one day soon thanks to HRA and CUNY. 

I’m going to make you and the whole CUNY family proud one day and I’ll make sure to always let everyone know that the only reason I was able to get back on my feet is thanks to HRA and CUNY. Two of the most amazing organizations in New York City. The staff here is as good as it gets and the opportunity is beyond words. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward, 

Mark Pine 

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