The NYPD and their civilian team are looking for any lie to get me kicked out of Baruch College. 4/20/2021


I was told by Baruch College that we were allowed to pick our Fall 2021 classes on April 5th, 2021. I believe that was the date, I’m not sure. 

All I know is when I went to pick my classes the online system at Baruch College wouldn’t allow me to sign up for classes. I politely and respectfully contacted the staff at Baruch College and asked what was wrong. 

The staff at Baruch College told me that only certain students can pick their Fall 2021 classes on April 5, 2021. They said I would have to wait for three days until the other students were done choosing which classes they wanted first. 

Three days later when I went to choose my classes the majority of online classes I wanted to sign up for were already filled by the students who were given early access to choose the classes they wanted. 

That means I’m going to be on campus at Baruch College during Fall 2021. 

I’m writing this quickly because I have a 12-page essay due soon and a bunch of other homework. 

People I know pay the NYPD and their civilian team to torture me, attack me, rob me, destroy my property, follow me into stores and pick fights with me, and run every cointelpro ambush and scam on me that was ever created since the 1960s. 

The NYPD blocked my phone number from calling any NYPD precinct, NYPD headquarters, NYPD internal affairs, New York FBI, US Attorney in Westchester, etc. 

People I know have paid the NYPD and their civilian team to have me kicked out of Baruch College. 

This is how they are going to try and do it. 

  1. The NYPD and their civilian team are going to have people crash into me, cut me off, try to start arguments with me, etc. anytime I’m anywhere near Baruch College. They started doing it already.
  2. The NYPD and going to have girls cut me off, crash into me, etc. over and over to try and obtain video or photos that make it seem like I’m doing something wrong. 
  3. The NYPD and their civilian team are going to take audio they have of me from years of physically attacking me and say I said something nasty to someone at Baruch College. The NYPD has a budget in the billions of dollars. They will edit audio conversations to get innocent people in trouble. They also edit videos to get innocent people in trouble. 
  4. The NYPD is going to try and have Baruch College take away my college email and erase all the evidence out of it. 

If you Google cointelpro those are the exact same scams that the NYPD runs all day every day in New York City. 

I’ve decided that respectfully it would be best to 100% avoid any communication with students at Baruch College. I respectfully notified my professors that if I have to have my grades reduced I understand. 

There are thousands of complaints from students about students every year in New York colleges. Also, I have had several students try and pick fights with me at CUNY already. I ignored them all. Needless to say, I treat all my professors with the utmost respect at all times. If I said or emailed one word to a professor or staff at Baruch College or CUNY that wasn’t one hundred percent respectful, I would be out of college in one second flat. 

The NYPD and their civilian team are harassing me as I write this post.

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