Request to represent myself in my Nassau County criminal trial.

Greetings Nassau County Legal Aid,

First and foremost I treat everyone involved in this case with the utmost respect at all times. That includes you, everyone at Nassau County Legal Aid, the pre-trial court officer, the clerks, the Nassau County District Attorney, etc.

I asked the staff at the criminal court if I could represent myself. They said I have to ask the judge. They told me the court might order me to continue being represented by Nassau County Legal Aid.

I would like to represent myself. I think you’re doing a good job. Albeit, I would prefer to interact directly with everyone. 

Please let me know if you require any additional information and paperwork from me. Please let me know the requirements to officially make the request with the court. 

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine 

450 Lexington Ave 

Unit 1375

New York, NY 10163


By Mark Pine

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