Email to a clothing company. The police stole something I ordered from the post office.


Greetings X,

I never received the order. 

My address is a PO box. My PO box has the PO box address and a street address. I use the street address.

I’m 44. I have no criminal record. I don’t lie. About a year ago I bought over $1,000 in jackets from you. You accidentally refunded all the money and I had the jackets. I called you and sent over the money. That’s how honest I am. 

There are a few things that could have happened to the jacket. Rich people I know pay New York law enforcement, FBI, NYPD, etc. to harass me beyond belief. They have robbed me so many times I lost count. Clothes, laptops, phones, etc. 

I highly suspect they stole the jacket for three reasons. 

1. Just to harass me because they are being paid and are a bunch of haters. 

2. So that I approach the USPS postal workers and ask about the jacket. Then they will force the postal workers to lie and say I was disrespectful so they can have me thrown out of the post office. They love to have me kicked out of places for no reason. I always treat people respectfully regardless of what’s going on. 

3. They want to set me up for fraud. I have a storage room where I keep things in New York City. New York law enforcement might have taken the jacket. Then when I report it missing to you they can go into my storage and put the jacket in there and have me arrested for fraud. 

I’m wearing the exact same jacket I ordered right now. The one that is missing was supposed to be a backup just in case the one I’m wearing gets damaged or stolen by the police. 

I have two of them already. One size small and another size medium. The medium is for the winter when I’m layering. 

I still have an additional store credit for about $300 or more. 

Ideally, I would like a credit for the lost jacket. I never received it. Regardless of what happens, you have always been very generous with me in regards to the warranty so I’m appreciative for that. 

I went to the post office and there was no slip in my box saying the jacket was delivered. I went up to the counter and asked if I had any packages and they said no. I said a company told me they delivered something. 

The postal person said give me the tracking number. At that minute I realized in my mind that this was going to turn into some type of police scam. 

I don’t blame the postal workers for lying. They have no choice. When law enforcement runs around the city and asks government workers to help them run scams, they have no choice. If they don’t do it they will be fired, killed, or both. I’ve seen it happen. I reported it to NYPD/NYC Crime Stoppers, NYPD internal affairs, CCRB, and others. 

Ideally, I would like a credit if possible. If the jacket turns up I’ll notify you immediately. I’ve already proven I wouldn’t run off with over $1,000 let alone $160. 

I don’t want anything that isn’t mine. I assume you can get the money back from the shipper, insurance, or whoever because you are running a major operation. 

Technically, I could say the jacket is missing but I want to cover myself because people I know pay New York law enforcement to run scams on me. 

For example, they had at least two dozen teenage girls try to hook up with me. I don’t understand why they keep sending them after I said no so many times. They keep sending one girl after the next.

I like women but I don’t like going to jail. I’m waiting until I have the money to buy or develop a robot girlfriend who is lifelike. Hopefully, New York law enforcement can’t program her to set me up. I’ll have to put a kill switch on her just in case because they are very sneaky like that. 

Don’t get me wrong, New York law enforcement kills and sets up women too. They have different scams for women. 

Please advise about what you decide with the jacket. 

Thank you and have a great day. 

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

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