Email to a professor about a second term paper preliminary review.


Anytime a teacher offers to review an essay before it’s due, I send it. I always try and complete assignments early. Normally by the time a professor generously offers a preliminary review I have the assignment ready to send immediately. 

This is an email to a professor about possibly receiving a second preliminary review. 

Greetings Professor,

You provided remarkable feedback on the last version. I don’t want to be greedy, but, if no other students sent in their term papers for your preliminary review, I’m submitting mine for a secondary review.

I never understand why students don’t take professors up on preliminary reviews of assignments to be submitted, it’s so easy to make updates when a professor provides the insights.

I have an appointment with the writing center too so I will show them your feedback and send them my term paper for a little extra feedback. I always try to go for the best possible result.

If one time is the limit that is more than generous. If I can get a second review I’ll take it.

I’m glad I was able to learn a little about APA 7 in addition to MLA 8.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

I love CUNY.

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