Email to the HRA commissioner about the date of my public assistance case recertification.


Greetings HRA,

I always treat everyone at HRA, CUNY, etc., with the utmost respect at all times. That is more important than anything. 

My access HRA account says my recertification is for December 2020. I was outside of The Waverly Job Center this morning at seven this morning with my paperwork. 

When it was my turn the very nice person at the desk told me my recertification is for June 2021. 

I just wanted to double-check and make sure that is correct. I have had my case dropped once before with no explanation. 

I’m going to go back there at least three more times and wait in line for three hours to be one hundred percent sure that I don’t have recertification for a year and a half or more from the last one. 

If I’m correct my last HRA public assistance/cash assistance recertification case was November 2019. 

Please provide any feedback you deem appropriate.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ever upward,

Mark Pine

This is the email confirmation I received from HRA.

Thank you for contacting the City of New York. Your message has been forwarded to the appropriate agency for review and handling.

For future reference, your correspondence number is 1-1-4134723


The City of New York

This is an auto-generated system message. Please do not reply to this message. Messages received through this address are not processed.

Thank you.

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