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When will the Second Avenue Subway connect with East Harlem?

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YouTube video from the MTA about the Second Avenue Subway.

The Second Ave Subway (Second Avenue Subway Wikipedia page) on the Upper East Side in New York City is wonderful. In my opinion, it changed the game for a number of residents on the Upper East Side (Upper East Side Wikipedia page). Especially if you live on parts of York Av, 1st Av, 2nd Av, and 3rd Av.

I spend the majority of my days in Midtown and on the Upper East Side. I used to live on East 81st St and 2nd Av. I had to walk two avenues plus either four or five blocks to the subway. Now there is an entrance to the Second Avenue Subway on East 83rd Street and Second Avenue. In my opinion, its a major upgrade. We are not talking about driving. We are talking about walking in the freezing cold. Another convenience is the Second Avenue Subway Q train stops on both the East Side and West Side of Manhattan. 

YouTube video from PIX 11 News about the Second Avenue Subway Phase 2.

Now that the Upper East Side stations are in place, when will East Harlem (East Harlem Wikipedia page) have their new 2nd Av subway stops? Phase 2 of the Second Avenue Subway will bring new subway stations to 106th Street and Second Avenue and 116th Street and Second Avenue in East Harlem. Additionally, there would be another new subway station at East 125th Street, between Park Av and Lexington Av.

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YouTube video from CBS New York about the Second Avenue Subway Phase 2.

I rode the Second Avenue Subway today.

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